General Vaping Discussion • Re: The New Passaround Box List & Rules !!!

Sylvie wrote:
okay, two hours left for wormy to PM me their addy, doubt it will happen so i have PMed RC for addy..
Snake, given wormy has not been active since late Aug, i guess you can remove them from list altogether..
Yeah go ahead & skip wormy.
If he pops up later I’ll put him back on the list at that point.

Anyhows, heres what i took: (all for a newbie vaper so hope no one minds)
10ml dekang marlboro 16mg
15ml MBV creme de menthe 18mg
10ml Aqua Vapor Cohiba 24mg

As I stated earlier sharing is encouraged.

And heres what i put in box.. (i gathered most are not vaping tobaccos so i added just non tobacco ejuices)

Fine by me. <img src="” alt=”:D” title=”Very Happy” />

**was thinking when box starts its second round, we all could remove what we each put in box the first round that is still in it when we get box again, that way box will not be so heavy**

This might be workable so long as everybody remembers what they put in.

Will post tracking number in this post when i get RC’s addy and print label out..
Thanks for the box, although i did not get much use off of it, my nose did learn who to not order from and who should be selling his ejuice lol ***waving at swanee**

9405 5036 9930 0174 going out late today or first thing tomorrow to RC..

Updated List Below…
Richard H*

Removed wormy due to being M.I.A.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: If you could choose.

I’d like to see anything that can duplicate the firing button on my Precise from SuperT. Of all the mods I own or have tried, nothing beats the smooth action of theirs. A clone of the Precise ELA would be nice since they are rather slow and difficult to get, in addition to being rather high-priced.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Fasttech at it AGAIN!!

I chose USPS shipping. Don’t know what others usually select, but my question is, does my package start out "Singapore Post", "Hong Kong Post", or how would my package be routed to get it to me? I’m sure that DHL option would be quicker and more reliable, but the price of it is astronomical!

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