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I had one of those vapage 510 attys worked really well for a premade atomizer. The resistance on it halfed out of nowhere I assumed it was because it popped somewhere but was still making connection.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Kayfun 3.1 from Fasttech- broken positive post

Aqua/origin is a really nice combo feels great in the had and vapes very well. The only issue I had with the aqua is wreckless throat hit lol. That atty kicks like a mule. Valkyrie I gotta respect your opinion but respectfully disagree. I thought the + was a good improvement over the lite. The airflow on my + wide open is a bit more open than the authentic 3.1 and lite. Not by much maybe a 1/5 more than the 3.1 I loved the draw on the lite. With the afc being on the bottom is a bit of a Pain but I set it and forget it. The obvious choice is threw the side but the 91% already did that and it would be a bit weird if an authentic device copyed a clone. Also good Idea on the jb weld, didnt think of it let me know how it holds up I still have a broken clone around here somewhere.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Kayfun 3.1 from Fasttech- broken positive post

wow .5 ohm twisted…awesome
the madvapes kf is in the barn/shop set at 10 watts with a 1.6 ohm 30 gage micro coil w/ 4 pieces of cotton yarn
the russian 91 is with me currently on the road with a1.5 ohmer and a piece of 2mm german silica vaping some heathers heavenly baccy at a lowly 8.5 watts
be careful with the jb weld, a little goes a long way, if you decide to go that route

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Kayfun 3.1 from Fasttech- broken positive post

I never thought of using Jb weld. Might have to give that a try. As for the Aqua, I bought it on the 24th but still haven’t received a shipping notification. I hope it’s at least functional. 21mm kinda sucks but I’m sure it won’t be too big of a deal. I’ve got my KF set up right now at .5 ohm with twisted 28g kanthal. It’s kicking tons on vapor and is really warm. I’m thinking it can’t be too far of from what I’ll get from the aqua.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Wanted: BDC shoot out.

you know , i had such high hopes for the dual coils…..
the kangers are still inconsistant at best and can only handle about 9 watts or you will be sorry
and it all depends on your vape style…if you vape like you sucking the chrome off a trailer hitch you wont like the kangers, it takes a bit to fully saturate that top coil
the eigate aspires have always had that boge thing going on….how many of the 5 that i have will actually screw into the base and not leak like a sieve, and of those how long will i get before i have to replace the darn things because they are gunked up pretty bad and they seem to like a max of 9 watts
the iclear 30S that i finally got replacement heads for from abby’s store, they get about 11 weeks before they crap out using fuzion vaper e<a href="”>liquids and heathers tobacco e<a href="”>liquids ….also cleaning by rinsing and letting them dry a bit before reusing
those are the only dual coils i have experience with….
i have not yet tried the newest dual bottom coil from innokin

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Kayfun 3.1 from Fasttech- broken positive post

hmmmm. pheel seemed to prefer in this order 1) russian91 2)kayfun lite+ 3)kayfun lite , but really didnt see much of a comparitive showing of the plus to the 91”’he does a great job of reidentifying the obvious though and he is seen in alot of his vids using a 91 and/or a 3.1 and what did he say he took the 91 for a week to disneyworld not the plus…lol and the timmy chin video…he didnt have a clue what he had as far as clones….he guessed this , he thought that maybe that, on and on….and basil ray has a mild comparison video also….he wasnt thrilled with the loose mouthpiece nor was he thrilled with the airflow on the plus…..

hey nev if you read this, i fixed the broken threaded piece on the fasttech clone by using several small dabs of jb weld to adhere the threaded piece back onto the larger piece for the 510 pin….we shall see how long the fix lasts…

still havent decided if i am man enough for the dual coil capable, kayfun on steroids , aqua or aqua clone…..

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