General Vaping Discussion • Re: Kayfun 3.1 from Fasttech- broken positive post

how else are the forum folks going to make an informed decision about a piece of gear unless they get the good, bad and ugly from us folk that experience them and from our personal points of view

we should be able to disagree and such in a civil respectful way, and learn from one another…hell, my world and experiences are different from yours, my vape style and what i vape are different from yours and maybe in the long drawn out posts i make someone may be able to eek out that i am doing something wrong and if i try this that or the other i may get a different experience…
i dont come to logger heads with forum members often because my experiences generally parallel most posters experiences, and the bottom line as far as broken devices coming from a vendor is a shame and as far as the kayfun experience goes, whatever you can afford is the right choice and there really isnt a wrong choice among kayfun/russian style devices. just get one see for youself and move to better quality at your leisure right

now your gonna make me order a lite+ for myself when i get off this road trip instead of a quick once over from a person who just got his….
you and nev have the aqua/clone…im freeking jealous….just too whipped to order one
written review please and dont spare the details !!!!
looking forward to many heartfelt honest discussions with you all in our quest to the perfect vape

cheers my friend <img src="” alt=”:D” title=”Very Happy” />

silvie… you go girl
work your magic to get slap to purchase !!!!

and the russian being a clone , i see it the same way as you do

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Kayfun 3.1 from Fasttech- broken positive post

slap_maxwell wrote:
Considering a EHpro Kayfun 3.1 from Madvapes…is it worthy, Nev? I’d hate to be stuck in your current situation because of my sometimes ham-fisted handling of Delicate Things! 😉

for $25-30 more, you can just buy a russian 91%!! which i do NOT consider a clone, after-all the previous kayfun did not offer what it does and the fact that both guys once were partners kinda makes the kayfun/russians styles both their ideas in the end or something like that…. Anywhoos, if ya willing to pay $59.99 for an actual eHpro clone, you might as well buy my taking care of R91% for same price if you want and not be bothered by your sometimes ham-fisted handling problems, its far from being delicate, its built like a semi lol ..besides if you don’t like it, its resell value will not go down like the clone will!! knowing our love for the phoenix RDA however, i prefer to tell you to save your money and just buy the kayfun mini instead, if you don’t care thats its on the longer side and not that pretty in extended mode that is!! the vape really is worth every single penny this over priced awesomeness costs.. its the closest to the flavor we get in the eshot phoenix, that is in a tank style you are probably ever going to get IMO and in its dripper mode it IS like the phoenix..

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