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tmillin wrote:
Wow!! 2yrs? Awesome sauce!! that makes me even less optimistic about my quitting only been vaping for 3 weeks now and still have 1-2 cigs with my morni g coffee but seeing all of the success stories here I now know I can quit as well 🙂 only have 2 cigs left in my last pack and my resolution for 2014 is to not buy another one Grats again to you and your hubby 🙂

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yes you can definitely quit too for sure. i wish you luck on your resolution but, if for some reason you end up like me and don’t give up them 1-2 cigs right away (i kept smoking them 1-2 cigs with my morning coffee for well over a year and vaped the rest of the time) , don’t you stress about it too much, just think of all them other cigs you are not having since you started vaping instead..

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