General Vaping Discussion • Re: ECA Forum Members 2013 Vaping Favorites

1- Favorite vape company overall
Fasttech when they are not slow
2- Favorite E-<a href="”>liquid company
Heathers Heavenly Vapes
3- Favorite E-<a href="”>liquid flavor
^^ HHV Legends (if caramel did not make me nauseous, heavenly army would win)
4- Favorite one stop shop
tied between Litecigusa and discount vapers
5- Favorite most seen online vendor
6- Best value/price e-<a href="”>liquid vendor
vaporrenew , pretty good malts too!!
7- Favorite battery vendor
provape, mostly cause i know they are legit
8- Favorite vendor for vaping accessories
tied: litecigusa & discount vapers
9- Favorite vendor with best customer service
Discount vapers
10- Favorite genesis style atomizer
Cobra clone was nice but, not for me
11- Favorite tank atomizer(not a genny)
kayfun mini v2.1
12- Favorite clearomizer
lol NONE…but if i had to use them than Iclear30
13- Favorite cartomizer
808 coolcarts
14- Favorite dripping atomizer(510 or RDA)
Eshot Phoenix rda
15- Favorite regulated mod
purple provari followed by mvp
16- Favorite mechanical mod
none, hate bottom buttons mods and dislike unregulated vapes
17- Favorite vape show
N/A no time for them
18- Favorite vape show host
N/A no time to like one
19- Favorite ecig blog
duh, ECA
20- Favorite reviewer
Video: Phil / written: our Slap
21- Favorite vaping deal finder site(I have a thread here and that also qualifies. hint hint ;-))
use to be vaporjoe before he started mainly posting FT deals, now its you 😉
22- Favorite <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_42.html”>diy supply vendor
Wizardlab for Nic/vg and TFAs & ecigexpress for other flavoring brands.

**favorite all time vendor you refuse to order from
mstsbakery , i sure miss her sweets!!

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: what are u vaping right now?

Vaping an Earl Grey Tea from I might as well be drinking it. In a vivi nova at between 6.5 and 7 watts, it’s more tea like. In my new IClear30b, at 7.5 watts it’s like a gin and tonic almost.

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General Vaping Discussion • Anybody seen the new baby Innoken mods?

I can’t remember what they were called, but one looks like a hand grenade with the same VW spinning wheel as the 134. The other looked like a baby SVD but set at 8.5 watts. Seemed cool.

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General Vaping Discussion • Did anyone here get anything from the big FT sale?

I was actually logged on and ready to go when the big sale was supposed to happen.

I had opened an account and everything and was refreshing my screen frequently.


And yes, nuthin is a word!

After checking time zones AGAIN I did the same an hour later.

Nuthin again.

Gave up and went to bed cradling my new mod.

Woke up the next morning.

Nuthin as all the stuff was gone.

PO’d at this point so I folded Evil Uncle into a crate with a selection of sharp instruments and sent him to China C/O Fasttech.

I don’t quite know why but when I (as in me) ship anything from the local post office they ask me what I am shipping. They seem to be most interested in if I am shipping batteries.

So in Evil Uncles case, I told them I was shipping U235 fuell rods.

And they asked me if I wanted to insure them.


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