KINGFISH X6 – by: ambercliman

Atomizer Type: 4.5ml UDCT
Variable Voltage 3.6-4.2V
X6 system offers five time as many puffs as traditional e cigarettes
Three different colour LED lights to show the changes of three levels of the amount of vapor
It maximizers the vapor production and can provide a more realistic feeling
Click here to check:[url=http://www.cigabuy.​com/kingfish-x6-udct-px28dyd-p​-3381.html][u][color=#44ffff]h​ttp://​-x6-udct-px28dyd-p-3381.html[/​color][/u][/url]
Thank you, Have anice day! 😆 😆

I’m new at this!!!

Sorry to steal a quote from Joe Dirt (a great movie by the way) but I’m new to <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF. have been vaping for a little over a year now and just made the leap to VV mods and bought a Vamo V5. So far I am very happy with it, I carry it around in 18350 mode using an Aspire et-s bdc that I customized by stripping it down and anodizing it red. When I’m at home I use it in 18650 with my nautilus. My friend has a Provari and all I can say is I’m jealous. My E-juice of choice is from a local B&M called Arctic Fire, I also really like MBV Black Ice. I just wanted to get my story out there thanks for reading and feel free to share your story here.

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Kanger pro tank 2

I have been using the admisor for kanger pro tank and I want to learn how to recoil and wick it what should I get that is good and cheap and where can I get it I would prefer going to place and not on line I like on long island in commack


Still satisfied??

I have been gaping since 2012,now I noticed I don’t find myself enjoying VAPING, are you guys experiencing the same thing or mybe its just me?
I’m currently vaping 4mg/parallel single coil 24g mounted on my Hades..
What can you guys suggest??<img src="” border=”0″ alt=”” />

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Brand New at Vaping

Hey, all! I am totally new at this… Smoked a PAD analogs for 12+ years and never quit for more than 24 hours. (Maybe 3 times) A week ago my mom gave me an Eosmoke Infinity Kit Starter kit and some Frost 18 mg e-<a href="”>liquid. I am proud to say that I haven’t smoked one analog since I took my first vape! One week!! So excited! I am still pretty clueless when it comes to all the terms and everything, but I’ve been reading a lot in the forums. If only I had heard about vaping sooner! Happy to be here 🙂

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Best Mt. Dew Juice

Everyone seems to make their own rendition of it and I wanted to know which one is the best. Either the one with the most accurate taste or just the best tasting one. Definitely mention which one it is. The only one Iv’e had is the one from Vapor Trails NW. I was really goo, but I don’t really have anything to compare it to. I would love to hear about the worst too!

Have you ever MADE your perfect vape?

Because I did today! I recently got the Dominator RDA because I wanted the perfect RDA for me, so I don’t have the urge to buy anything. And for the most part it was perfect! It’s got a circular drip well that holds gallons of juice, and doesn’t get in the way, got a max 4mm:ohmy: airhole (also 3,2,1), can do quad coils (although I usually only use 2 or 1), is 22mm, and just happens to have the purdiest looking shell I’ve ever seen on an RDA, it also has heat flanges as a bonus, it’s seriously some of the most perfect machining I’ve ever seen to boot.

<a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Dominator RDA – Vapure Premium E-<a href="”>liquid, Electronic Cigarettes & Accessories

-BUT the "press and shoot" system wasn’t as easy as I think the manufacturers were planning it to be, I respect that they did something different than 99% of the RDA’s out there, but it’s seriously hard for my gorilla fingers to press both buttons while inserting my coil, and doesn’t have a tight clamp on them AT ALL. That wouldn’t have been a big deal if the positive post hadn’t popped out. It may have been Quoppa who released it like this but I HIGHLY doubt it, because the craftsmanship on the rest of it is superb, so I’m guessing it was the vendor who hasn’t contacted me back yet. :glare: Long story short, the threads were stripped connecting the 510 pin to the positive post, so it was basically holding on by soft smushed silver, just what you’d expect from a $100 device right? no…

HOWEVER I came up with a solution that would combine the best of both worlds between the Dominator, and my second favorite the Brass Monkee, it has an amazing dual-positive post that makes dual coils a breeze, and even better for this situation; can be screwed down for a more solid anchor point, as opposed to the "spring loaded" system it had before. So I painstakingly removed both of the positive posts (well the dominator was already stripped out), and gently installed the brass monkee’s post into the dominator.

And now…it’s my idea of the perfect RDA, with a dual positive post I can clamp the wired down in, and the outer "press and shoot" negative posts, installing coils literally can’t be any easier, and it’s much less fiddling now that I don’t have to hold down two posts while installing with the other hand. I can now adjust my coils without them working their way out, and even torque them into being straighter. BOOM! Best of both worlds, and I didn’t waste $100 due to my <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_42.html”>diy nature :p.

-My Brass Monkee will be missed though 😥 it was good to me for a long time, I’m thinking about buying the clone and using the post from it to bring it back in action, until then R.I.P. sweet prince…:nun:

Here’s the profit!
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I’m sorry Brass Monkee! :facepalm:
<img src="” border=”0″ alt=”” />

Blood sweat and tears went into this, literally, and all of those came from this little darn plastic washer in the Dominator…I cried while sweating, and bled.
<img src="” border=”0″ alt=”” />

But it still looks good and works perfectly!
<img src="” border=”0″ alt=”” />
Sorry you have to look at my dirty coil building desk, I’m cleaning this weekend I promise :2cool:

Hope this helps someone! Vape on!:vapor:

Vapocalypse Handbook

The Vapocalypse Handbook v1 by Baristavapist
Pictures will be added in version 2. This will eventually be turned into a complete PDF/ebook.

These are truly desperate times friends. The FDA has caved to the powers of big pharma and big tobacco, bringing our favorite life saving hobby under their control. This document is how you fight back. Within this document is instructions on how to build your own vaping equipment. Without further ado, let’s begin.

1. The basics

The personal vaporizer is a simple circuit. It consists of a power source, and an atomizer. Atomizer designs may vary, but they all have one thing in common. There is a positive connection to the battery, and a ground (negative) connection to the battery. When looking at a dripping atomizer like the Igow4, the center post is positive, the outer posts are ground. So is the deck. Essentially, every part of the atomizer except for the center post is negative. This brings us to the connection. Most Personal Vaporizers (PVs) at the time of writing use what’s known as the 510 connector. battery side, there is a female threading (m7 .5) and a center post that connects to the positive terminal of the battery. The threads are negative. The atomizer connection also features a positive center pin (often extending to the build deck) inside the male threading, when these are screwed together, the current runs up through the positive posts, through the heating element and into the negative posts, down to ground, through the threading and to the negative terminal of the battery.

2. Sourcing materials.

This guide is written for a time when 510 connectors may not be sourceable. These are used exclusively for PVs, and if a ban goes into effect, these are likely going to be unavailable. Alternatives must be found. The simplest alternative will be making a "hybrid" device, where the atomizer is part of the mod and cannot be removed. Other options include RCA style connectors and all manner of other connectors, easily sourceable from any electronics stores.

3. How to build a mod.
Within the world of PVs, there are what are known as mods. These are PVs that run off high discharge batteries. Going out on a limb, I imagine that these are going to be avaliable, as their original use was for high power flashlights. there are also "passthrough" style mods, that plug directly into a power source. these instructions are intentionally vague, so as to make it easier to adapt them to what you have on hand.

3a- flashlight mods

The adapting of a flashlight into a mod is probably the easiest and least time intensive of all the mods listed here. Unless you are an experienced modder (what are you doing reading this??) this should be your first survivalist mod.

-materials required
– a flashlight capable of holding your battery
– some kind of connector or an atty to hardwire
– soldering iron
– momentary switch (the original switch can be modified to be momentary as well)

1. inspect your flashlight carefully. most flashlights will have a pcb of some kind which holds the LEDs. the center of this is typically a direct to battery positive. the outer parts will be the ground, connecting to your flashlight body. instead of running a wire to the negative, the flashlight body itself is negative. this eventually reaches a switch, which connects to the negative terminal of your battery.

2. modify or replace switch. If this is not done, the user wil have to manually click the switch on and off instead of just releasing it.

3. modify or replace the pcb. Use the existing pcb to attach your connector or hardwire your atomizer. find the positive, solder it to the positive on atty/connector, repeat with negative. alternatively, a conductive metal disk can be used to replace the pcb. insulate the positive from the rest of the disk, i find jbweld or any nonconductive material to be ideal for this. the positive of the connector/atty should protrude through the disk. BE SURE THIS IS INSULATED, otherwise you WILL cause a dangerous short. the negative of the atty/connector should be attatched to the disk itself. this disk-atty/connector assembly is soldered into the flashlight in place of the pcb. make aure the positive battery terminal hits the positive poat of the atty/connector, check for shorts using a multimeter. If there are no shorts, either attach an atty or wrap a coil for the one you’ve hardwired in, juice it up, and enjoy your illicit moonshiners vape.

3b – the box mod.

The box mod is slightly more advanced than the flashlight mod, but also is more versatile. Different styles of batteries can be utilized, and regulation for voltage can be added.

– materials required

– a drill
– a soldering iron

– momentary push button switch
– a box that feels comfortable in your hand, yet is capable of housing all of your components. For the sake of reducing the likelihood of shorts, a non-conductive material should be used.

battery contacts: these can be anything from purpose made contacts from an electronics store to a scrap of conductive metal. you will need two.

– the largest gauge wire you can use with your components. The lower the number, the larger the wire. The larger the wire, the lower the resistance, and less resistance= more efficient circuit (less voltage drop).

– a connector or atty you want to hardwire

– a master slide style safety switch to stop accidental firing. Optional but highly recommended.


– regulating circuit
– a led or power indicator of some kind
– you can even trick it out with a screen if you want

– magnets for battery contacts

1. inspect your enclosure. Hold it in your had and figure out where you want your button and where you want to vape from.

2. Drill holes just big enough to hold the connector/atty, and your firing button.

3. Insert these into the holes, and attach them. Solder a wire from the push button switch to the positive battery contact. If using a safety locking switch, solder from positive contact to safety switch, and from safety switch to push button.

4. If you are using a regulation circuit, solder from push button to this, and from the circuit to the positive part of your connector/atty. if you are making an unregulated mod, solder from the button to the positive part of the connector/atty.
5. Solder the negative/ground part of the connector/atty to the negative contact for the battery.

6. Devise a way to hold the battery steady. Velcro may be an option.

7. It is highly recommended that high power magnets be added to the backside of the contacts to reduction the likelihood of loosing the connection.

8. Attach the terminals and check for shorts. If none are present, attach your atty/ wrap a coil for your hardwired atty, juice her up, pull down the shades and vape away.

3c – Basic USB passthrough.
This device is non portable, and operates using the USB cables power supplying ability. USB typically supplies 5v of power. This device can be plugged into a computer or a USB wall adapter.


– a soldering iron
– a connector or atty you wish to hardwire.
– a momentary push button switch
– a USB cable you don’t care too much about
– some sort of enclosure for the button and connector/atty

1. Cut off the non USB end of your cable. Strip the outside of your cable so you can see the colors of the wires inside. We will only be dealing with the red and black wires. Ignore/remove the others.

2. I highly recommend a tube like enclosure, however whatever is on hand can be modified to fit your purpose. Make three holes, one for your connecor/atty one for the button and one for the cable to come out of.

3. Run your cable through the enclosure. Solder the red wire to your positive on the atty/connector. Solder the black to the negative/ground.
4. Clip the red wire, strip it on both sides, and wire your switch into it. Solder, and insert into the hole for the switch.

5. Attach the connector/atty to the enclosure. Do the same for the button.

6. Plug it in, make sure theres nobody watching and vape.

how to use different connectors
How to make an atomizer
-basic coil builds
How to make emergency ejuice
How to make a variable voltage circuit


VERSION 1. Feel free to alter this document as you see fit, and redistribute it to as many vaping related boards as you can so that when the hammer falls we can all be prepared.