Tank problem, and why don’t Triton Tips count towards Halo points?!

Hey guys! Usually I’m the one attempting to troubleshoot for others, but I am having a problem with my tank that I cannot remedy.:facepalm:

I had a Triton tank suddenly stop firing. Usually this is just a matter of unscrewing the tip a hair, which in turn loosens the coil a bit, then you can re-tighten both to reset the connection with the coil and tank. This did not work.

It’s not the battery, as another tank works. It’s not the coil, as the coil(s) works in another tank. This tank just all of a sudden will not fire on. I have tried cleaning it multiple times. There are no electrical components in the tank, so I am stumped as to why it would suddenly quit. 😡

Also, I just noticed Triton Replacement Tips (.99c each) do not count towards the $20 hardware threshold for (75) Halo points, which seems unfair. What’s up with that?! :grr:

Finding vendors that do Create your Own Been vaping 4 months and finally found something I like

I have been vaping 4 months and was a menthol CIG smoker, still do 1 everyday, hopefully stop soon. Be nice I will stop someday, went from 1 pack a day to 1 cig a day, so I’m good with that right know.

Finally after 4 months I found 2 I like (and I have lots of bottles I just dont care for, in beginning read reviews of flavors, but now I know go for flavors I like) , but did the create my own at lucky 7, and I am running low. They are sooo busy that takes a while for them to ship.
I do blueberry menthol / menthol and peach menthol / menthol. Anybody know any vendors that have create you own, I would do other fruits, but this is the only 2 lucky 7 has right know. I like the menthol, but like fruit to go with, don’t like menthol by itself..

I have menthol extract, but WAS hoping other vendors have create your own, since I’m liking lots!!

Hope someone can help thanks :):ohmy:

I’ll be excited to see the mail man again….cause I got vape mail coming!!!

I sprung for some new gear today been shopping in the classifieds and on ebay…then a credit card snafu ensued they thought it wasn’t me using it so they froze it! SO I still have stuff that I bought in the classifieds waiting to be paid for but thanks to my insurance company billing me for the entire bill which I have never EVER done before (which flew up the first little red flag then the 8 or 9 paypal purchases threw up the other flags to hold my card til a new one can be issued in 7-10 days:facepalm:)
But I bought
MVP 2.0
MVP 2.0 shine in green with the butterfly pattern
2 jwraps one for the MVP 2.0
I also purchased a Provari and the second jwrap was for that 😀
I bought some kayfun tanks and coils
I bought some Iclear tanks and coils
A mod I can’t remember the name of but it was cheap enough and shiny enough so I had to have it for my collection 😀
2 drip tips that are hand made by a guy in England they weren’t cheap lol
A trippy drip tip
then I got shut off!
Plus to make matters worse all the money I make in a month is on that credit card so I am screwed for 7-10 days ugh! I luckily have $42.97 in cash enough to go to my B&M to get my ADV.:laugh:
I’m definitely not saving on my ex-smoking habit I’m spending 5x more lol:unsure:

General Vaping Discussion • Re: Pass Around Box 2 List & Rules !!!

I hate to do this… But I’m going to have to bow out of round two. What with taking care of my Mom through chemo this summer… Well, I just don’t need anything else on my plate.

Proud mom of an American soldier

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: what are u vaping right now?

Hey..where is my Kayfun? and MVP2? I was using them earlier today at the dog park…been using dripper most of the day on the new juice from Seattle Vapor Company and must of misplaced the MVP2…

Glad I saw this thread..gonna look for it now… <img src="http://ecigfortmyers.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/373dd62317_icon-redface.gif” alt=”:oops:” title=”Embarrassed” />

update: found it…it was charging on top of the computer…silly me

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