Be wary when buying convenience store/tobacco shop e-juice!

Went to a Tobacco store right next to my former work to buy some e-juice since I had no gas to go to one of my usual shops… Tried a few Tobacco flavors and picked the best of the three or four(and by best I mean not the worst, they were all not great) I go fill my tank, and boy was it harsh! Then I noticed a sticker on the side of the bottle that said "PG". No mention of VG, so could it have been 100% PG? It would explain the harshness! Needless to say, I’ll stick to vape shops from now on!

Hello ECF

What’s up vapers,

I saw this awesome new way of getting nicotine by walking by some one that was sucking on a big odd device and blowing out "smoke". I asked my girlfriend "what was that?" She retorted its vaping. I immediately hopped on google reading all the info I could and several videos on you tube. I found out the rechargeable blu ecigs I use to smoke and loved 7 years ago have evolved into much more. After a bit of research and tired of analogs I decided to dive in. I recently purchased a nice crop of stuff to start out with and start vaping.
-cool fire 2
-4 batt
-xtar charger
-I clear 30s
-400ml of various ejuice

Hopefully military postal hurries so I can enjoy the benefits of vaping soon!

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Question about pinoyvapors forum…

I hope this question is okay to ask here, but I have literally no where else to turn to. I registered for pinoyvapors forum over a week ago, and still haven’t been activated. There is no emails listed for admins that I can email, but I can’t see any reason I would be not approved either. Do they allow Filipino only?


It’s time to make my own flavors!!!!

Hello All!

So I’ve been vaping now for about 2yrs. Ive feel in love with some of the premium flavors and I’ve spent now thousands of dollars on juice… My wife has now gave me an ultimatum, either make my own juice or STOP… (Im taking money away from her shoe and purse addiction). So now like a good husband I’m going to try my hand at making my own flavors. I found a link to Mt Baker Unflavored ejuice and so I bought a Gallon of 12mg and 18mg 50/50 blends. Ive also purchased a hand full of flavors from TPA. So now I’m stuck and I’m not sure what to do. Ive been mixing and adding flovors but they just dont come out right. Some come out to strong and some come out to weak, never right for taste. I downloaded one of the calculators but I’m having trouble following it with what im using. Has anyone ever used MBV premix and followed a recipe calculator successfully? If so would you mind helping a brother out?

Thank you all in advance!


First kiss.

So I was at the B&M the other day testing some new flavors and received my first vapors kiss. Forgot to put the top cap back on and had a dual coil .4 ohm love affair with my Igo-W. I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later, I just wish it was not so public.:laugh:

Vanilla Caramel

Does anyone have a suggestion on creating a smooth, sweet and creamy, don’t forget the creamy part vanilla caramel? I have had no luck coming up with anything good in this flavor combo.

Also Hotrod’s calculator using the mix by weight is the bomb for making small batches with complete accuracy. I highly recommend it!

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: favorite device variable voltage or variable wattage?

dm71 wrote:
Between me and my wife we have a few variable devices. A vtr, 3 mvps, vamo v4, svd, evic, tesla, kmax and a zmax. My favorite is the vamo. I use aspire tanks with 1.8 ohm coils and the vamo has the least voltage drop when set at 5 volts or higher and vaping in rms mode is an added bonus. The vamo is my main vape I use when out of the house and my mech mods when at home.

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I totally agree.

While I have some much more pricey gear, my Vamo continues to be my go to device!

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