Anyone own the iTaste 134 ?

Hi everyone,

I have the iTaste vv/vw ver3.0 and the iTaste MVP ver.2.0. I love them both and really like the Innokin products.
Now I want to purchase the Innokin iTaste 134 just to add to my collection. But have some questions for owners of the 134.
I know its a variable wattage device which I like, but my question is, if I keep my other variable wattage devices set to an average of 8.0 – 9.0 watts
using Kanger Aerotank, mini pro tank 3, Evod2 etc. etc. mostly all clearomizer type tanks. What would the advantage be to having the 134 that can go
up to 12.5 watts? I know this might be a stupid question but if I turn up my wattage on my other devices using the tanks I do it just burns the taste.

So maybe all you 134 owners out there can give me some idea’s on what you guys use. Now, I’ll point out I’m not advanced enough to build anything of my own, I’m fairly
new to Vaping so I like that fact that I can screw on basically any tank and Vape away. I do want to get into dripping for flavour testing, maybe the 134 would be a better mod for that over my other 2 mods listed above that I already own.