Does Wattage Really Affect Mechanicals?

For sake of example, lets say that I have a setup with a 30A 18650 2100mAh 3.7V battery. Lets also say that my RDA is clocking in at .2 Ohms. We are going to use 4.2 Volts here and assume the battery is fully charged.

This would mean that I am pushing 88 Watts. Sounds crazy (and I’ve read of people doing crazier!).

However, this would mean that I am only pushing 21A (4.2V / .2 Ohms = 21A) which is well under my 30A limit.

In this hypothetical, would it be safe to vape? The wattage seems insanely high, but is it really a factor here as long as I stay under my amperage limit?

General Vaping Discussion • cotton

You’ll need organic pure cotton with no synthetic material. Boiling is always a plus but not completely necessary. A bag could last a very long time. I’m about 1/5 of the way through a bag I bought in November and all I use to rebuild is cotton. As for how much to use, thread it through your coil so that it’s snug and can slid back and forth through with just a little bit of resistance. It’ll expand once it’s saturated with juice. If your building Evod coils then you’ll only need about 1/3 to 1/4 inch of a small rolled piece to get going. Adding an extra piece over the coil in addition to the threaded piece is optional depending on how thick or thin your juice is. When rolling it into a wick make sure it’s not too tight and maintains a bit of fluff. … B00592D70E

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General Vaping Discussion • cotton

I made the mistake of waiting too long to reorder supplies & now I’m sitting here with one evod coil left that doesn’t taste too good. I’ve got some braided silica on the way, but I think I should rebuild some of the other coils now.

Exactly what kind of cotton do I need? I remember reading somewhere of a certain kind, but can’t remember.
How do I prep it? Boil in water?
How do I set it up to last without burning away?
How tight should the coil be around it?

If the first one or two go well, I may end up rebuilding all of them in one sitting.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Which is your favorite mod?

[quote="kelliperkins"]I like my e-vic and z-max so much I have not tried anything else. I probably should try a mechanical just to compare.[/quote]
Nice to meet you kelliperkins, the zmax kit is cool too, and it is 510thread. you can try use others atomizers. where are you often buy?

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: RBA Time?


Either a multimeter or an APV with short circuit protection and resistance check is a must for building coils!

And hopefully you will get your order from FT sooner than later since you did not include any batteries in your order.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: RBA Time?

Well never mind, lol. I just placed the order. Kayfun Lite + 16 feet of silica plus wire. All for only 6.03. I can wait a month for that price. I had a credit with FT, so yep, it was a steal. Now….I have to keep learning during the waiting.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: RBA Time?

Thanks! Uncle they are out stock on that site you directed me to. I did watch a cool video on it though. I don’t have an ohm meter, is that something I will need, and this may sound stupid but I use cotton string to rewick old kanger coils, so can I use cotton string for the wick with the Kayfun. And what type of wire, I feel like a brand newbie. lol

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