Best replacement tank for kayfun

OK I’m sure this has been asked before but things improve and new products come out. Due to the fact my wife is trying to break some kind of record on how may times she can drop hers I’m in search for the most durable tank. Yes I know the all SS is, but it is a PITA to fill and not being able to see the juice level makes it us less to me. Really just looking for the center section or any combination known to be durable.

Best peanut butter banana besides FP Grandmaster?

Fortunately, I have managed to replace an addiction to analogs….
unfortunately, I have become addicted to Five Pawns $28 per 30mL Grandmaster 🙁

I am am willing try whatever comparable flavor you name! I have got to find a cheaper substitute

please tell me of something similar….I know FP isn’t the only one who came up with this, as PB&B is not original (’twas Elvis’ idea!)

i don’t expect it to be spot on, I just want something more reasonably priced. I never realized how much of a joke $1 per mL really was until I branched out to other vendors (Ahlusion, MBV, HHV)…I go through 2 bottles a week so it’s defeating the whole "cheaper than cigs" argument

FP is good, don’t get me wrong…but it’s far from small batch gourmet! They’re selling/producing way too much of this stuff to still be charging so much. It’s best reserved for special occasions at that price…but when I want something for a special occasion, I want something I can’t find at every vape shop on the corner. Everybody has five pawns now. It’s just high priced with a fancy bottle but ultimately no better than Ahlusion or HHV! It’s the idiots like myself that keep vaping it on the regular, that keep these prices high.

all I want is a simple peanut butter and banana…I wish ahlusion had one, I love their stuff and it is definitely more affordable, along with "gourmet"

thanks in advance!

Noob question

Another thread got me thinking I want to start dripping. Thing is I am not sure about rebuilding yet. Is their a quality dripping atty that does not require rebuilding. I saw the grail 306 and I may get that but I wanted to see if their are anymore options in a similar device.

Eta: I will be putting it on top of a mvp2 an innokin 134 mini or a ego twist vv 1100mah

General Vaping Discussion • Re: Got my Hana Mod DNA 30 V3

Well been vaping on the Hana mod for the last few days since I figured out the slight battery deal. I must say that I’m quickly using it for my all day vape Device. At 7.5 Watts seems just about right for my taste. I’m using a Kanger Aero Tank on top 0 Nic juices and nice flavor and vapor.
I’ve also had the mod up to 12 watts and had to laugh at the Clouds that were being produced. SWEET!! <img src="” alt=”8-)” title=”Cool” />

So I must say that overall the Hana mod v3 was well worth the cost of admission.<img src="” alt=”Image” />

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Which is your favorite mod?

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General Vaping Discussion • drilling a drip tip?

I got my "muffler" drip tip yesterday & am liking it so far. But I was wondering, since this thing has a wide mouth piece & narrow bottom; would I get any performance improvements if I threw in a vise & drilled the bottom out? Kind of like drilling an air hole.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Pass Around Box 2 List & Rules !!!

swap box is definetely fine with me..
same size bottle or bigger for same size bottle is as well..
AND close to equal value and quality replacements also would be really nice!!
(like hmm dekang ejuice for a popular brand is not cool)

my only concern is the no sampling part, for one theres no way to know if one does so and for two, it may result in us being stuck with ejuices we end up not liking afterwards and by time box comes back around, it/they will have aged a few weeks or so and we will eventually end up with a box full of old ejuices again… So i think dripper sampling should be allowed.
AND i think box should not be shared with anyone outside the ECA member’s family UNLESS friend/coworker/etc. is a regular vaper and can follow the rules too!! if they cannot its up to the ECA member to follow rule and replace what their friends/etc take so rules are met!!

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Pass Around Box 2 List & Rules !!!

Just floating an idea here but I’m seriously thinking of making this a swap box rather than a pass-around box.

By this I mean straight up bottle for bottle trade.
You take as many bottles as you wish & put back in an equal amount no more sampling you’re stuck with whatever it was you took until your next turn at which point you can put it back in.

If we do change things up I will probably have to amend some of the current rules.Huzzah I just made more busy work for myself! <img src="” alt=”:x” title=”Mad” />

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