looking for a cheap/clone dream build?

I’m trying to produce GIANT clouds, im currently vaping on an Itaste MVP 2.0 and a Nautilus Aspire. the clouds are great. But, I’m looking for MONSTOROUS clouds. I’ll do whatever it takes. I’m on the search for a CRAZY CLOUD producing vape machine/mod. any suggestions are great, I got one suggestion earlier but I checked out the vapor production from a poster and after watching several videos of that mod, they looked weaker than my itaste. I want serious clouds. 🙂


Making a sx350 mod.

I am looking to put together my first mod, it being a sx350 based mod. Either with a 18650 battery or lipo. I would like to go with lipo because of the mah. But I am also trying to go with which ever route is easiest. Anyone with experience know which way is going to be easier.

I only got the chip from eciggety for like $62 after coupon. Also got a floating 510 connection on the way from ebay:

Spring Loaded 510 Connector for mods | eBay

I am looking at enclosure’s from hammond 1590B or maybe some of the already painted ones.

Also still not sure on button’s yet.

I also was looking into getting a 3d printed front from bap for a 1590 hammond box that comes pre done for the sx350 from here:


But they have yet to be tested. I think I would only go that route if I was going to do the lipo because I wouldn’t want to open the mod from the door if the chip is attached to it. I wish there was some premade 3d printed cases for the sx350 on shapeways like there are for the dna’s.

Also if I cannot go that route. What kinda tool works best for cutting the holes for the screen, button’s and 510 connection’s, and usb port and port led?

I know how to solder and all but this will be my first mod. I am just trying to get all the right pieces without having to buy part’s I won’t end up using I guess.

I want to try to get this right the first time lol. Guess I am asking for alot here.

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