Who has tried Cosmic Fog Milk and Honey?

I just heard about Cosmic Fog e-<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid about a week ago and how their "Milk and Honey" juice is loved by everyone who tries it. So naturally, I order some. It arrived today. My first impression when I dripped it was that of Banana Bread. As I continued to vape it I could taste the milky cream part followed by a very light sweetness. It is very smooth and pleasant. I actually really like this juice but am surprised of the banana undertones. I suspect that it is just my palate since taste is very subjective. I wonder if anyone else has found this similar banana taste.

Not really sure if I really knew what milk and honey tasted like I mixed up a little milk with honey. That tasted good as I drank it. I can definitely see the comparison now of the juice. Cosmic Fog’s Milk and Honey does taste like a milky cream with a slight honey sweetness. It’s just that my first impression was that of a banana. I wonder who else has thought the same.

Let me know your impressions if you have tried it. I will definitely be getting more of this.

battery charging

just thought of something and figured i’d ask..
it may be a stupid question but i’ll throw it out there anyway..
are there any rules that state that you should or shouldnt charge a battery right out of the device?
the reason i am asking is because i used to have some quite powerful radio controlled cars and they state that a discharged battery should be allowed to cool before recharging..
the batteries in those got a bit warm to the touch during the discharge.
i dont notice that the batteries that we use for vaping get very warm but i’m sure they do.
so would it be a better practice not to recharge immediately after discharge?

Moo Juice, I taste butterscotch?

I ordered 2 30ml bottles of moo juice from mount baker vapor and I hit it right out of the mail and it smells, tastes of butterscotch. I know it’s not just me either. I’ve had 4 of my friends try it today and they all taste butter scotch as well. Anyone have a similar situation? Or a situation where they sent you the wrong flavor? I’m so confused because all the descriptions say strawberry nesquik. I know the whole steeping scenario but damn.. butterscotch to nesquik, send improbable..thanks for any responses.

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Noooobie needs help w/ juices

Obviously I’m a newby. I realize taste buds are different but for everyone but quality of juice isn’t. I’m looking for a good online supplier for great fruity juices, especially apple! Where r great juices & if u don’t mind can u list some of your go to juices & from who? Also, does VG enhance or diminish the flavor, iyo? I see some go 50-50 or 70PG 30VG. Thank u all

Newby here, how do u know what ohm tank or cartomizer to get

Hi all, new to vaping, need to quit analogs Bought ego-t, not good. Thinking of ego twist, is this good to start? I’m a pack 1/2 day for too long. I want good vape & flavor. Does the tank, clearomizer, cartomizer etc. play a difference in this? I’ve heard reviews about lower resistance being good. If I get ego twist can you all throw out good top parts, including ohm [I will put it that way since there r so many! I read about bottom & dual coil. I would think dual is better as it would deliver more vape. Can the ego twist battery handle dual coil? A lot of ppl say they get a burnt taste. Is that a carto or battery problem? Plz help, sry if this is dumb but I live like 3 hours from a REAL vape shop or I would go get a set up built. Any suggestions? Sorry kinda alot of questions in 1 post…. Also, on this forum, do I wanna set notifications to control panel or email?