Another year older

Well, today is my birthday, the second anniversary of my 23rd 🙂

Ive said for the last year I’m 45, My body feels 95 but my wife will tell you I act like I’m 15… OK, she usually says 12 :rolleyes:

Anyway, I wanted to share the card she got me, I think she has stooped to my level.

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Just thought yous guys might enjoy:)

Oh yeah, got shipping notice on a new CV LP Grand with a brass LP RM2, happy birthday to me:D

Best method to blind squonk a Reo RBA?

I’ve been using my Reo RBA for about six months on and off, mostly off as I couldn’t stand cotton and tried silica and didn’t like that either – always a nasty taste. I finally got some ReadyxWick and got that going tonight. I used a lighter to dry burn both first. I dry burned it and the coil separately and once assembled I dry burned it five or six times again using a variable voltage passthrough. I do that until there is no smoke coming from it and the coil is red hot for about five seconds. When I first used it I got none of the odd taste I had got with the other wicks. So far good stuff.

Now I need to learn how to blind squonk the RBA. The only two methods I know are to squonk it and listen for the juice bubbling in the air hole or to remove the tip and try to peer into it to see the juice rise or use a small flashlight in low light. What do you guyz think is the best way?



does dripping/high wattage produce mor carcinogens ?

someone posted a link to a NYT article discussing two studies implying that the hotter the <a href="”>liquid gets the more carcinogens specifically formaldehyde it produces. Just wondering if this study has been discussed in the community, especially with a sub-culture of higher and higher wattage that seems to be growing.

The most pertinent part of the article :

Both studies point to the same phenomenon: Intense heat can change the composition of e-<a href="”>liquids, creating new chemicals. Importantly, the researchers said, the chemical reactions apply not only to the <a href="”>liquid nicotine, but also to two other crucial ingredients in most e-<a href="”>liquids: vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

Precisely what level of heat causes the reaction is difficult to pinpoint. The Roswell research found, generally, that when battery voltage increased to 4.8 volts from 3.2 volts, toxin levels increased markedly.

link to complete article :

<a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>…rcinogens.html

Burnt taste?

I have a curiosity question. I’m currently using my MVP 2 with a Kanger T3s tank and my vap tastes burnt. Its a 2.1 ohms and I’m running it at 3.7 volts. I’ve tried changing the voltage higher and lower and it still tastes burnt to me. What causes this? Is there something that I can do to fix this problem?

WHY we should encourage the local vape shops!

A search had turned nothing on this subject. I hope this is the appropriate place for this.

I personally prefer to pay 10-20$ extra or more to encourage the local vape shop for these reasons:

– I’ve seen too many people enter there and buy a starter kit when they had barely any idea (or none at all) what vaping was. Actually 80-90% of the people I saw there were starters on that very day. These shops are an emissary that is really needed at this point.

-The shops located at the other end of the country can’t do squat about your local anti-vaping laws. The local shop will try and fight for your rights. The more jobs are concerned, the less likely they are to lose those jobs. Also, the more local vapers there are, the more likely you can win against local legislation.

-The local shop is an excellent resource to help you out if you are having problems when you start, not to mention people who don’t even suspect there are vaping forums. Those are the people who really need help getting started, but they are far more likely to quit if they can’t get local help.

-If you can’t get juices or supplies from across the country, guess who could be your savior???

-Save 10-20$ but pay 7-15$ on shipping = wait a week to save 5-8$? How much do (did) you spend in smokes a week may I ask?????????????????

ENCOURAGE YOUR LOCAL VAPE SHOPS, DAMMIT! We need more of those and they won’t open more if they don’t have a reason to!!!

Of course, I still check online how much I can save. You know what? if I ain’t saving 50$ on an order (still less than a week’s worth of death sticks) I’m picking up my gear NOW. I’m not saying don’t buy online; I wouldn’t stop myself from owning a mod I’m drooling over or some tasty juice I want because I can’t get it locally, but the little difference in price you pay at your shop is a HUGE investment in our most visible embassies. After all, if there is no market for local vape shops, it makes it unbelievably tough to prove there are enough vapers around to give us a fighting chance.

Of course, if you’re getting screwed sideways by snobs who think you’re a little stain on the sidewalk, you’re excused from attending that shop. I seriously doubt that is a very common experience, however.

Excuse the ranting tone, but it has to be said as we can only win through solidarity, not dispersity.

Can anyone else think of good reasons to buy local?

New coil – tight airflow and hot battery

I have recently begun building my own coils. Not because I think boxed coils are a bad thing, but just because it’s just another fun part of the Vaping hobby.

I’ve built 2.3/2.5ohm coils for a Protank2 and EVOD.
2mm wick
1mm flavor wick
32gauge wire/6 wraps

The Protank/EVOD draw is usually very airy, but with my new coils it has become tighter. I have cut the wicks to a minimum length so as not to obstruct airflow, but it has become tighter. Though no way near as tight as a CE4.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that the top part of my Vision Spinner is becoming somewhat hot. Not so hot that it can’t I touch it. But warm to hotish… The MVP seems fine, just the Spinner. The Spinner is ok with boxed coils, which leads me to believe the issue is with the coil. The coil runs around 2.4ohms and I set it to 3.7v.

This isn’t a problem for me, but I’m worrying that I may be doing something wrong. Safety n’ all.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you!

General Vaping Discussion • Something that has really been bothering me lately…

Ok so besides receiving my license to sell alcoholic beverages and tobacco in the state of Florida today…That made me happy, but Vaping has shifted into a very trendy thing and I am not a big fan. I have rebuilt many RDA’s and Kayfun’s and have tried it and then I was like wait a second. The whole purpose of vaping is to stop smoking live a healthier life and save money…Not use 22 guage G plat create a .14 or .05 subohm dual coiled RDA on a mechanical mod and blow through a bottle of juice in ten minutes. This whole trend is defeating the purpose of why we started vaping and the purpose was to save money and not kill ourselves…but going sub ohms is extremely dangerous pushing 60 amps to your face it only takes 3 milliamps to kill a person and stop your heart. I just had to say something because it hit me today with all of the post I see constantly of people trying to get huge clouds if you want to see clouds look up in the sky it is free. Stay healthy save money and find a good vape not have 600 mods and 5 million juices and 300 rda’s and 5 rta’s…defeats the whole purpose. Much love just something I felt like sharing…because I fell victim for a little bit and then I realized wtf am I doing. This is not what I have worked so hard for…I mean blow through all the juice of mine you want <img src="” alt=”;)” title=”Wink” /> haha I don’t mind… but the point is so we could live a healthier life and save money. Much love everyone have a great day and check out our contests. everyone is a winner.

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