Sub-Ohm Build Help with 28g Kanthal and Cotton

Hey guys, I really need help with making a sub ohm build with 28g kanthal and cotton. Currently, I have a .5 ohm build with 6 wraps of 28g kanthal on a 5/64 drill bit. I can’t seem to figure out how to get below .5 ohms on any build I make, and I was wondering if someone could please give me instructions on how to do so. What to wrap on, number of wraps, etc. with 28g kanthal and cotton.

Box mod help

What are your recommendations for a box mod for my pop, who vapes at relatively low wattage?
Where are the best places to buy box mods? sites not too expensive but have a good variety of styles?

I am slowly getting my dad into vaping. I have been vaping a couple years, and my path led me down the mechanical mod road.
My dad wants a box mod
I know goose-egg about box mods.
I am thinking DNA20 or something (because that is the only "boxmod" word I know. J/k I know it is a more highly advanced box mod chip that allows more options in your vaping experience.)

So my dad is not looking to vape at high watts. He vapes at 5-7 watts.
He is a long-time smoker, suffering from emphysema and bronchial asthma, so he can’t handle anything too powerful. So I don’t need anything super-high-tech.
But he would like something stylish.
I use 18650s, so I have the battery issue already covered. (That is, if you can recommend something that runs off of 18650 or even 18350).

a PG/VG help recommendation

I really can’t stand too much VG. It takes my breath away, per se. I’m using V2 menthol right now, which is mainly PG, and I like it but would like something more.

I tried the menthol sample kit from Halo. Most of the samples were fruit flavored menthol, not to my liking BUT I did like their Kringle’s Curse, a sweet minty taste without being fruity.

The problem is, there is too much VG in it for me. I vaped it all day today, loved the flavor, but got that heavy feeling in my chest this afternoon. The way it feels like there is too much VG in the <a href="”>liquid.

Would buying some PG and mixing it with the Kringle’s Curse make it okay to vape? Or would it mute the flavor too much?
And, if that would work, where do you buy safe PG?

Thanks for all comments and recommendations!

Oh damn, i bought a P word

So I lost my K100 last week and was kind of bummed about that. So today I go to a vape store in Hayward called Platinum Vapes and I see a couple Provari’s. I start talking to the guy about it and he tells me they only had a pink and purple one in stock. I told him I want black or silver. He said they have another store in Newark that might have a black one. He told me he would call them. He calls and they say they have a black one. 20 minutes later I’m in Newark at Platinum Vapes. I bought it and a new Nautilus that I also lost when I lost the K100.

All I can say about it so far is this thing rocks! It was 185.00 plus 35.00 for the Natilus. I’m thinking that’s not bad. 185.00 was for the Provari only. No charger, battery or anything else but that’s fine with me. I have a lot of 18350 batteries at home, plus the girl at the Newark store threw in a battery for free so I could vape on the way home.

Unfortunately I can’t post a pic from my phone, but I’ll post one when I get home. It’s more thanI have ever spent on a mod before, but I think it might be worth it . Only time will tell. But I can say this thing is solid.

Lastly, Platinum Vapes is a great vape shop. One of the best I have found in the bay area. If you live here I recommend stopping by and taking a look. They are great, know what they are doing and are very friendly.

Vending Vapes – ECF Infozone Article

A new article has been posted on the <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF Infozone: The Miami firm Vaporin, which sells e-cigs, mods, <a href="”>liquids, and e-hookahs, is deploying vending machines for electronic cigarettes. The company made the announcement on May 19 in Miami..Vaporin is partnering with vending machine concern Seaga Manufacturing, Inc. to create the “Vapestation” – which will be used exclusively in establishments that only admit customers who are […]
The post <a href="” target=”_blank”>Vending Vapes appeared first on <a href="” target=”_blank”>ECF InfoZone.

Article by <a href="” target=”_blank”>Gary Cox

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