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I fell victim to the trend of cloud chasing unknowingly because I am a vendor so I myself must keep up to date with everything and know my stuff. All my inventory I purchase I just slowly watch it shift more towards mech mods and rebuildables…which I will never recommend anyone period to subohm or use a mech mod without a 7a safety fuse or protected battery. I just know that it allows the FDA a very easy target to attack and I am all for regulating…but only for safety reasons. I am not a fan of the FDA and there purpose for population control, but I also don’t want people getting hurt or vaping a more addictive substance and not even know it. I am all for rebuilding if you have one your research and are smart about it and are not just doing it to be trendy. I just want to keep vaping till I die and regardless of which way it goes I am going to. I just pray that it goes our way and we get to keep what we love.

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General Vaping Discussion • Reducing nicotine

When I started vaping I was using 18mg nic.
Now I have reduced my nic level to 12 and some 6’s.
I have a couple bottles of 18mg that I love but they are just too strong. <img src="” alt=”:shock:” title=”Shocked” />
Is there a way to reduce the nic levels in these bottles? <img src="” alt=”:?:” title=”Question” /> or would it just be better to trade them with someone for some lower nic juices?

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Village Ecigs Best Vape Shop in Flower Mound – by: admin

I love this place. The inside is nice and relaxing and a great place to hang out and chat but the service is what sets it off. Be prepared to have a different sort of experience here… the juices aren’t all pre made flavors mixed up to sample every bottle is made fresh in front of you and you have the ability to completely customize your flavors. If you dint like the result bring it back in and they’ll tweak it for you. Its perfect fir new vapers because the staff takes time ti walk you through everything and doesn’t try to sell you a million things or offer crap product at all, there are a few simple choices that are actually decent products (no stardusts here) but fir the veteran they have kanthal and rbas and rdas, a great selection of mech mods and vv vw mods, among lots of other various accessories you might need. Geoff and crew have a knack for identifying your needs when you walk in the door and making sure you leave satisfied and with more knowledge than when you came in. This is how a vape shop should work, the staff knows every product they sell inside and out and aren’t afraid to share that knowledge over and over again all day.

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I’m doing much better <img src="” alt=”:)” title=”Smile” />. Very sore, but mobile and able. I’ll be getting to the box this weekend and will get it out next week. Sorry for the delay, but I didn’t really have it in me the last few days.

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