More ridiculousness in the NZ Herald.

e-cigarettes could get kids hooked on smoking – e-cigarettes could get kids hooked on smoking – study – Life & Style – NZ Herald News

the Herald is pulling anti-vape stuff from the Daily Mail, again. A few of the most ludicrous claims:

"e-cigarettes with sweet flavours are being targeted at school children and could get them hooked on nicotine, it has been claimed."

"….Instead an electronic inhaler vaporises <a href="”>liquid nicotine." Some do, some don’t.

"An American study of nearly 40,000 youths found that teenagers who had tried an e-cigarette at least once were six times more likely to try tobacco." Double eyeroll

"Dr Ram Moorthy, a spokesman for the British Medical Association, said yesterday: "Ultimately these devices do contain nicotine and young people smoking them are developing a habit which they could potentially be stuck with for life." Actually not all do. Cannot buy nic here in NZ dumbarse, generalisation much?

"There have been very worrying reports that teenagers have been asking for e-cigarettes for Christmas presents and that they have become commonplace in the playground." The playground? How about that parenting then? Has everyone taken a ….. pill? I must have been outside having a vape when that scata was being handed out. Why are some people allowed to breed even? (Yes I know thats a whole different rant/argument/discussion).

le sigh

About to make my first

I expect to get all my stuff within the next few days (damn holiday Monday. This is one time I wish I was in Canada) and I would like to go over the steps to be sure I have everything right.

My plan is to use a juice calculator to build a 10ml recipe for a single flavor, probably Cherry, starting at 5% flavor. Vape it in my dripper and decide to end this foolishness and just buy juice. Then steep it in an ultrasonic cleaner and try again. If the flavor needs to be stronger adjust it.

Now I have a simple one flavor juice. I can then continue on and decide it might taste a little better with some Orange in it. When that turns out to taste like c..p I can try some Banana.

Keep going.

I can find a recipe that seems interesting to me and give it a try. If it is horrible to me check who liked it and use them to weed out other recipes. If it is good fiddle with it to make it better and use those who liked it to pick other recipes to try.

Pick a juice I like and see if someone else has a recipe that is close.

Remember it is a journey, not a destination.

Can you guys help me sort out tobacco flavors?

Okay, I’ve tried a bunch of tobacco flavors and it’s so hit or miss. I smoked menthol in college ages ago, most of my life I smoked half cowboys (M lights). When cigs got stupid expensive I started smoking a pipe and tried several tobaccos and found Prince Albert reminded me most of my cigs and stuck with it (luxury pouch, not crimp cut).

So I’ve tried T5 Max Vaper, (think it’s a 555) this reminded me of tobacco dipped in fresh cow manure, rather repulsive to say the least. Was tolerable in very small amounts mixed with other juices after steeping for over a month. Max Vaper USA mix, not bad, Mt Vapor Coumarin pipe, a bit too sweet but sort of satisfying, especially after it sat for a bit, Crown Seven, USA blend, pretty good, ETC Western Blend, I need to throw up now, ETC RY4, not bad. I got Vista Vapor, American tobacco, egad, not nice, but just a bit mixed with others lends a decent tobacco tinge to the taste.

Anyway, please someone explain what I’m missing? It seems some are like chews or maybe cigars that I don’t know about. I’ve found my fav vape is tobacco with maybe a tad of menthol mixed in and sometimes a few drops of cherry, hazelnut or something. I need to find a great tobacco taste that works for all day that I can mix a few drops of other flavor in here and there and reminds me of half cowboys or Prince Albert tobacco and not dung.


E <a href="”>liquids are interesting but I’m certainly thinking of ordering the mix your own components and need to know a good flavor or set to mix for <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_42.html”>diy.

General Vaping Discussion • Not quite sure how this happend…

Ok so I logged into my facebook account and the first picture I see is I guess a newb put a drill bit through his thumb like straight through his thumb if I can find the picture again I will post but it was very disturbing… I also don’t see how you drill a hole completely through your thumb. Be careful people!

Statistics: Posted by <a href="″>ShippWrecked — Sun May 25, 2014 10:38 pm

General Vaping Discussion • Re: Something that has really been bothering me lately…

ShippWrecked wrote:
I fell victim to the trend of cloud chasing unknowingly because I am a vendor so I myself must keep up to date with everything and know my stuff. All my inventory I purchase I just slowly watch it shift more towards mech mods and rebuildables…which I will never recommend anyone period to subohm or use a mech mod without a 7a safety fuse or protected battery. I just know that it allows the FDA a very easy target to attack and I am all for regulating…but only for safety reasons. I am not a fan of the FDA and there purpose for population control, but I also don’t want people getting hurt or vaping a more addictive substance and not even know it. I am all for rebuilding if you have one your research and are smart about it and are not just doing it to be trendy. I just want to keep vaping till I die and regardless of which way it goes I am going to. I just pray that it goes our way and we get to keep what we love.

I totally get your point.

I like to stay on top of the latest and greatest mostly because I just love to learn new stuff!

I also use different gear at home than I do in public.

Just messing around at home, I can blow HUGE clouds with a Kayfun and a DNA 20 mod set to my personal max about 13.5 watts depending on the juice.

But in public I use smaller gear at a lesser output with E-<a href="”>liquids that don’t need the higher power to really shine.

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