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Got some BEJ, some Fuzion, and a few bottles of The Standard on the way. Haven’t had any of The Standard’s stuff in a while because of the price, but I caught a pretty good deal on it for a Memorial Day sale and been craving some more Frankenvape, so I pulled the trigger.

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We NEED artists contest!!!

A while back we ran a contest where users here on <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF designed an e<a href="”>liquid. They picked out the flavors, percentages, name and we selected 3 nominees. We then sent out sample packs of the 3 nominees and had 100 testers vote on which flavor they liked best. Eclipse by thehangdude was the winner and had a lot of positive feedback. The flavor is coconut blueberry tobacco.

So now that the backstory is done, we need artwork for our website for this new product and we would like it if we could select someone from the community to do the artwork since this is a community designed flavor. We will be giving away 120ml of the <a href="”>liquid of their choosing as a reward to the winner. We will also be giving away 4 – 30ml bottles of Eclipse to the funnest pictures people can post (you can win both the 120ml and multiple of the 30ml).

Pretty darn simple really, post a picture that you created here and we will select winners.

We need the image for the website to be 500 x 334 pixels (or the same ratio).

Tetra Vape

– Dana

Oh the switches! I’m so bored.

Can being bored with the options of mod switches a real thing? :ohmy:

I’m planning out a VV wooden bottom feeder mod, and last bit on my parts list is a switch. But as I’m going through pages and pages of switches. I don’t want to use any of them. Nothing is really catching my eye. I’ve been there and done that with the radioshack switches, the metal horn push buttons, and the tactile buttons. I guess I’m looking for something with a little bit more character?

And on a side note, what is up with the price spike on the round metal tactile buttons? Just because they’re on a expensive Hana modz device, they must be worth $6 a pop? Back in the day, I remember grabbing them for $1 of madvapes lol. That was the switch I was going to use, but I changed my mind.

But have you guys stumbled upon sweet switches? Something unique, that would fit and look good on a Reo style mod? Kind of impractical, but a missile launch switch sure would spice things up. 😀

Just a few that are different:
MTD Bolens Momentary Switch | eBay
Gemco 404 Series Momentary Red Push Button 404P1311 PPI Warranty | eBay
Maruyasu Electric Momentary Push Button Red XP 2501RK193 Warranty | eBay

What’s up with my Valkyrie clone?

So, I got an EHPRO Valkyrie clone a few weeks back and was enjoying using it with a .8-.9 ohm dual coil. Great flavor, good vapor production, etc. Then, one day, I noticed that the vape was not up to par. It was like not enough power getting to the coils. At first, I thought the battery was dying and tried another fully charged. Same thing. I looked at the coils and they would slowly heat up, but only glowed a dull red. I had to push the switch very hard to get them to do even that. I took the switch apart, cleaned it, put it back together. Put in some new coils. Same thing happened. Now I’m noticing that the switch is warming up when I use it. Here’s my question: What the heck is going on here?:confused:

Update.. MY new Darth Vader atty board

Let me rephrase this by saying that this is NOT for sale and that it is mine. The admins took down my posts because they’re under the impression I’m trying to sell it. Anyways. I want everyone to see my cool atty building board that my gf worked so hard to make today. I did the drilling and put the connector in (not shown in pic) and clear coated it. Tell me what you think!

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Getting watery condensation from KFL+??

I have only had this thing for a few days first few tank fills even if chain vaping I did not get this constant drip of what feels like a drop of water on my tongue… Now i keep getting it and taking drip tip off and it looks like just condensation build up. I am not sure if I am leaking somewhere it really doesnt taste like juice I would know if it was I got juice on my tongue before. I thought I dried out my tank pretty good before i switched flavors and I replaced my cotton is it possible I left a bit of water somewhere and this is why its happening now?