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Just waiting on my Zenith v2 now. My XXIX finally arrived yesterday <img src="” alt=”:D” title=”Very Happy” />

Hooray crappy phone pics taken from work!

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The ethics of "Made in USA" on clones

There’s been a lot of discussion about clones vs. authentics (a LOT, right? 🙂 ) but I was wondering specifically how people feel about clones that even clone the "USA" and "Made in the USA" engravings on mods. While I try to buy stuff that’s made in the USA by small companies when I can, I’m not that hardcore about it (it’s almost impossible to be, and some of my favorite vaping gear comes from By leo in Greece). Still, it REALLY bothers me when I see things like the satin brass King clone’s end cap duplicated exactly, like this:

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It’s NOT Made in the USA. It’s made in China. The original King is made here in my hometown (L.A.).

Same with the Tree of Life clone – it’s also made here in L.A. but the end cap on the clone carries the same "USA" engraving.

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This isn’t really a discussion about whether mods are overpriced or who can afford an authentic and who can’t or anything like that. I’m just curious how many people share the feeling I have when I see it, that it’s just… not cool. Kind of like when American flags are manufactured in China and everyone’s flying them on Independence Day. How do people who buy them feel? When you see the engraving on your mod, do you care?