ECF, Help me choose my next mod!

I am looking to buy a new mod and graduate from my MPV2. I am looking to get something worth the money, of course, but do not want to break the bank. I would say my budget is under $200, but I would spend more for the right item.
So, what do I want in my new mod? Definitely VV/VW, be able to subohm to be able to push at least dual coils. USB charging is a plus, if not a requirement. I have looked at some models which I will list below. One of the drawbacks on some of the models is that they are not readily available (pre-order with a wait list). When I order I would like it pretty quick (who doesn’t want their new toys?!?).
Here is the list of mods I may be interested in (in no particular order):
Vapor Shark
Cana mod
eVic Supreme
Asgard DNA 30
Seven 30
Sigelei 30W

So tell me, what is the good, bad and ugly about these listed. If you have your own suggestion, please share!


PS – The attys I have now: Nautilus, KFL+, Fogger V4, Igo-W

Problem with Smoktech Magneto

I’ve been using the Smoketech Magneto for about two months now and vaping for a year and a half. Everything was going fine until I picked up the Stillare RDA. I owned the Igo-L, two Igo-W’s and a patriot prior to my purchase and everything was fine. I was vaping all of them between .5-.6 ohms (using 30A batteries). Of course I’ve been using the Stillare exclusively for the past week and loving it. There was a bit of a gap so I adjusted the 510 pin to allow for a flush fit. However, today I had an urge to use my Igo-L (.5 ohms), adjusted the 510 pin back up a bit, and all I got was a nasty burnt cotton taste. It was definitely juice‘ed up and not dry. I checked for shorts with my multi-meter and found none. So I proceeded to try my Igo-w’s and the patriot, all had the same burnt cotton taste. Checked all for shorts and found none. So, I put the Stillare back on my Magneto and had no problems. I know for a fact that my other RDA’s worked perfectly well before I bought the Stillare. Has anyone ever encountered this problem? Sorry for the long winded post and thanks for any help in advanced.

Looking for a suitable juice.

Hello fellow e cigers. Ive been gone for a little over a year, fell off the wagon and started smoking ciggies again. But I am happy to be back here. This forum is epic and gives people so much needed information in transition. So I just got a new device the mvp. In the year that I have been gone much has happened. I am looking for a tasty tobacco flavor all VG and only natural or organic additives pref made in America. Can some of you point me in the direction of some reputable vendors. Please include your favorite VG tobacco flavor from these vendors thanks.


I know there was a thread about this before (like a year ago) but I wanted to see if anyone had tried HoliSmokes (or holi smokes idk) and get some opinions? I haven’t been able to find any actual video reviews and I’ve seen literally two written ones, one on Reddit and one on a blog. I have seen the video where the dudes are too scared to try the juice and also the one where the guy is ranting about how no one knows what’s really in it. Which kind of brings me to my point (also I’m not sure if this kind of stuff is allowed here, I’m sorry if not, please let me know and I’ll edit it out rather than deleting my whole post) when I was younger, I used to smoke a lot of JWH. The stuff in Spice and whatever, it was a thing like five years ago? Yeah, well, I’ve always been economically conscience so I bought the straight powder and long story short, I ended up OD’ing and going to the hospital and this has triggered a lot of anxiety and panic attacks and whatnot.
The point of this is–I want to make sure if I buy this juice, it’s not going to make me freak out. It’s taken me a long, long time to get to the point where I don’t literally have a panic attack when people even mention drugs around me and I’d hate for all that time and effort to be wasted due to some less-than-open e juice.

TL;DR Is HoliSmokes really just oils and tinctures or is it something synthetic to get high?

Looking for a Wood Box Mod

Quality mods of this type are hard to come by. While there are many good ones produced finding one is often next to impossible without paying an arm and leg. I recently was able to get a Red Sky mod <a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Welcome to Red Sky mods –.
The quality and craftsmanship is outstanding and the vape sublime at a very reasonable price with top notch customer service.
Check them out <a href="!521041!” target=”_blank”>…-part-3-a.html

General Vaping Discussion • Re: What are you Vaping?

Oh, and I’m now using:

GP Paps X mod

Taifun GT @ 1.2ohms microcoil 28g kanthal (was shooting for 1ohm)

VTC4 battery

Alice in Vapeland – Twas Brillig 12mg

My favorite setup <img src="” alt=”:)” title=”Smile” />

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: What are you Vaping?

A Fazed DNA 20 box mod with a Kayfun Lite Plus perched on top with a 2.1 ohm coil (I was shooting for 2.0 ohms) with a Hemp Silver wick and filled with BEJ Plum (60/40 12mg) set at 12.5 watts.

Tasty <img src="” alt=”:mrgreen:” title=”Mr. Green” />

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