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I started out using organic cotton and I am now experimenting with Hemp Silver.

One thing I have found that less is more with the amount of wick you use. Just works better IMHO.

As long as your wick material is laying on the grooves where the <a href="”>liquid enters the chimney assembly you are golden.

As far as the dripping out of the air hole goes, mini drop by mini drop depending on how well you filled it and not leaving much of a void, it can go on as much as a minut. Without any really appreciable loss of <a href="”>liquid. Far less than the 20 full drops it takes to make up a ml of juice.

Sad to say, I am starting to think you have a bum Kayfun <img src="” alt=”:cry:” title=”Crying or Very Sad” />

I have both the Kayfun Lite and the Kayfun Lite Plus from two different sources and they both work great other than the few drops that leak as I described earlier.

It seems to me that your Kayfun is just not sealing correctly and you have some air leaking in and not letting a vacuum form as it should.

Possibly check your o-rings to make sure they are seated correctly.

If need be, get a refund from FT and order a replacement from … mizer.html

I have one and it works great!

For a few dollars more, you can get the Plus version. … ivogo.html

I have not tried their Plus version yet but the items I have gotten from them have been very good quality.

Possibly shoot a PM to Nev.

He is the guy that walked me through building them in the first place.

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New B&M in Town with Kids Vaping Inside

So I visited my local B&M this evening on the way home from work. Opened the door, walked in to a vape filled store with 3 kids (real kids, like 13/14 years old) all vaping away on the sofas.

It kind of shocked me, I really wanted to say something to the owner, but I bottled it and didn’t say anything.

The guy had a really nice set up, great prices too for a B&M, so I bought a couple of bottle of juice, had a chat (recommended the <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF and CASAA of course) and left. All the while these kids are vaping away, some with egos, one had a sentinel and RDA. I actually think they were related to him, but I wasn’t sure.

All the way home kept thinking I should have said something.

So fellow ECFers should I just go back and tell him straight up, call him, never go back and forget it or mind my own dang business?

General Vaping Discussion • What are you waiting for in the mail?

I’ve been pretty busy lately but still poke in everyday to see what’s going on. Finally broke down and bought a Hana clone. I feel a bit dirty but the curiosity finally got the better of me. Also ordered some VTC 5 Sony batteries for the new mod. Now the waiting begins. Oh yeah, I ordered that ridiculously oversized Tobeco 28.5mm Kayfun for my Seven-22 last weekend. I was being so good with not buying ANYTHING for a long time.

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Peppermint Help

Hey guys,

I mix for a few friends of mine who I’ve converted to vaping, and recently a friend of mine’s father has converted mostly to vaping (4-6 cigs a day from 30 :D). He’s vaping these disposables and prefers the menthol blend, as he was a menthol smoker. Tobaccos, fruits, desserts, none of them strike his fancy and he tells me the disposables are doing it for him right now.

Well I helped his son get him a proper set up (beginner stuff.. Vision Spinner 1300, Aspire BDC, etc.) and I figured I’d whip up 100mL of the menthol he was vaping, so I asked him if I could take a hit to remember the taste. It wasn’t exactly menthol.. it was a cool sort of sweet peppermint flavor. There was definitely the coolness in there associated with menthol, but that sweet peppermint background surprised me a bit, as I was expecting straight menthol.

Keep in mind this is a disposable, so they’re probably using 1-2 flavors max and they’re probably buying in bulk from TFA or FW or something. Since all of the menthols I’ve ever mixed were a simple hybrid of menthol and koolada, I figured I’d ask the community. Anybody have any suggestions for a sweet pepperminty menthol flavor?