K101 Malfunction/Looking for Replacement Parts/Can you fry a Kick?

i recently ran into a problem with my girlfriend’s k101. i will try to summarize my question below, with more details following.

where can i find a replacement part for the top cap/510 connection for the k101? and if i put an evolv kick in a mod, and it shorts, will it fry the kick?

i was trying to test the voltage of her battery (in mod) with my omnitester. i screwed it on, nothing out of the ordinary. i switched it to voltage, pressed the fire button, and it gave my a blank readout. i fired it twice more, still nothing. then the button became extremely hot, so hot that i had to quickly get an oven mitt to take the mod apart, fearing that the batty was venting. the battery was also extremely hot. i let everything sit outside for about 20 minutes, let it cool down. then i put my battery in her mod, and the same thing happened, except that the fire button jammed so that it continued firing. so i figure it’s not the batteries, it’s the mod. i read a thread that said it was a shorting 510 connection. so i searched for replacement parts, and i couldn’t find any. i recommended to her that if we fixed it, that she should put a kick in her device. she asked if the same thing happened with the k101, with the shorting problem, would it ruin the kick. so i’m naturally a little weary about buying a kick for her if it will fry within the next month.