My comparison review of the Aspire Vivi Nova, vs Evod2 vs T3D

I thought I would do a review of these three in case anyone else out there is trying to decide on one of them.I’ve used all of them on my itaste vv 3 switched to variable wattage. I think I average about 8 watts.

I guess I’ll start with the Kangertech Evod2 since I had it first. I have a glass one. I REALLY love this thing. It did gurgle a bit in the beginning, but I found a fix here. It works flawlessly now. It doesn’t leak or spit out hot juice. Smooth perfect function, lots of vape, and I wouldn’t call it cool or hot…just right. My only beef with it, and the reason I went looking for something else, is it sure doesn’t hold much juice (maybe around 1.5ml. I think it burns through juice faster too. Sometimes when I’m driving I chain vape like crazy. I’ve almost emptied this tank in an hour before.

Next I bought an Aspire Vivi Nova. I think it holds 3.5ml. It definitely vapes hotter than the other two, but I actually prefer that. I think smoking analogs for me was more about the sensation than anything else, and this is closer to the analog sensation to me. It does produce a lot of vapor as well. It gurgles more than the other two, but I’ve found a few reasons why. At first I had this on my battery with a beauty ring. I read something somewhere about how that can create more of a vacuum inside and draw more fluid into where we don’t want it. So I took off the beauty ring and it got much quieter. I have since bought a beauty ring with vents in it and it works alright. another thing is there is sort of a cavity under the drip tip that I read isn’t there in the mini. It collects a lot of moisture very quickly (like after just a few draws). I think this is were most of the gurgling is actually coming from, because if I remove the drip tip and swirl a napkin or tissue around in there, the gurgling stops for a while. That fact aside, I really love it. It produces probably the best flavor of the three and I like the warm vapor. I also like the tighter draw. Personally I don’t like an airy low resistant draw. Its also the most finicky on my battery. Sometimes my itaste doesnt recognize it and I have to unscrew it and then rescrew it back on. And sometimes it readys the ohms wrong. (like it will say 3.8 or 8.4ohms)

I probably could have stopped with those two, but I wanted a third tank to use with a lower nic level for when I chain vape. So I picked up the Kanger T3D since it uses the same coils as the Evod2 but holds more. It holds 2.2ml I believe. It gurgles a bit, which was also helped by the double silicone cap method I linked to above. It doesn’t however solve it completely. This clearomizer does have the coolest vape of the three. I’m still rather new to this, but since this uses the same coils as the evod2, I’m not sure why this is. I have to turn my watts up to at least 10 to enjoy this clearo. It also has the loosest, airiest draw of the three. Something I’m not very fond of. I put a tiny piece of duct tape over one of the air holes and it helps, but its possible that why mine gurgles too. It also has the least flavor output of the three. Its definitely not my favorite, but I do appreciate that it doesn’t leak or spit out hot juice. I actually picked up a second one for my husband because he’s so active and rough on his stuff I was too afraid to get him something glass and the Evod2 wouldn’t have held enough juice for him. He seems to like his a lot, but he also has his itaste wattage up to 11 I think.

So there is my comparison. If you have any questions, or if I’ve forgotten anything, I’d be happy to answer any other questions. I’m still new on the technical side of all this, but I’ll do my best. Also, if you know of any others I might like to try, please let me know. I wish they made that glass EVOD2 in a higher capacity where it still had the metal sleeve on the outside.

Aero Juice in Crimson – creamy chai

There are nearly no reviews for Aero (<a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>AERO juice | AERO juice) brand e-<a href="”>liquid, so I went in a little hesitant.

Got myself:
Sacred Garden ("Devine sweet rose with traces of nectar from the garden") – 15ml, 8mg
Crimson ("Exotic and rare, with touches of vanilla spice, ginger, and Asian flare.") – 15ml, 8mg

Sacred Garden was quite pungent at first, quite sweet with a little bit of peach undertone fresh. I feel this needs a bit of steeping time.

Crimson is delicious. In the container, it’s a little vanilla with promising spice. First inhale, it’s vanilla spiced milk. As I continued to vape away, it just became more and more delicious. Husband even commented on how nice it smelled, and he’s not a chai guy. I give this a 9 fresh. After steeping, I can imagine (and seriously hope for) the spices becoming more lovely with time. This is so delicious, I’ll need to order the largest size next time to get me through the fall season.

An Introduction To Blu Cigs Starter Kits

<img alt="compare e cigs" src="” width=”160″ />
by quapan

Several people all around the globe now depend on using e cigs as opposed to smoking, it is also perfect for people who don’t smoke that much. Despite the fact that this product is quite new on the market, it has appeared to have made quite an impact on the way that we smoke. When e cigs were first made, they were produced to be quite big in size but there are now smaller sized e cigs which will fit easily in your coat pocket. Many people like the vapor cigs because it helps them to give up smoking all together, especially the harmful cigarettes.

An e cig will be perfect for you if you would like the feel and also look of a normal cigarette. The smoke which you see coming from the e cig is real but it doesn’t contain any nicotine so you won’t be effecting your health in anyway. These vaporless cigarettes in addition have many features which make it look very similar to a cigarette, so when you breath it in as you would a normal fact you will fill the similar effects to a normal cigarette.

The electric cigarette uses a small watch type battery and also has cartridges inside the cigarette shell, the cartridges contain a <a href="”>liquid nicotine which the battery turns into smoke that the user will inhale to get the nicotine hit. This gives you faster nicotine hits than the usual conventional methods. At the same time that led light at the tip of the electric cigarette will glow orange to make it look a lot more authentic. Another safety aspect of the e cigs is the led light wont start fires, now that’s always a plus!

Most people are becoming accustomed to this electronic device because they enjoy the sensation that the e cig gives when you use it. Some people also enjoy the aspect of being able to decide which flavors you want to have, they also like the thought of being able to alter the strength of nicotine they want to intake, people like being in control. The strength choosing is also very important because this is the very thing that makes you give up smoking in the end, if you start at the same strength your cigarettes are and lower the dosage, eventually you will not even want to smoke anymore.

Whether you would like to cut down on the amount you smoke or perhaps just find an alternate way to smoke without harming your health then e cigs could be perfect for you. As a way to find out more about this device then you need to look on the net. This is because there are many different types available on the market and its much better to choose one for your needs and requirements

Jimmy White the snooker player uses one in contests as smoking thin the United Kingdom is now illegal so he uses the vapor cigarette to replace the usual harmful cigarettes. On the 400th anniversary of Alan Tichmarsh talk show he bought one out live on air and even gave some out free! Paris Hilton was also seen out around the town holding an e cig!

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