Best watermelon flavors?


I am looking for some suggestions on the best watermelon flavor e-<a href="”>liquid you have vaped. My current favorite is organic juicy watermelon from virgin vapors. I’ve also recently tried MBV watermelon. It tasted chemical-like straight out of the mailbox, so I’m steeping it and will try again. I really enjoy the VV stuff. Anything close to that would be great (maybe at a cheaper price). Thanks.

Introducing myself.


I’ve been vaping for about 10 months. Just found <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF recently. I had been vaping e-<a href="”>liquid from a local b & m, but tried some online brands recently. I now realize the difference a good juice makes. I mostly have been vaping VV organic juicy watermelon, and halo columbian chocolate. I’m definitely open to any other good flavors/brands. I like fruity flavors, and want to find a good coffee/mocha flavor. I don;t like the tobacco flavors, and don’t mind spending a little extra for quality.

Kanger + Vision Spinner II

I have an issue where my tank won’t screw onto the battery. Its looks like the battery threads are worn out, which I don’t know why.

When I 1st got the battery it seemed like the tank wouldnt sit properly. Everything was fine up until this afternoon when I went to refill.

Did I maybe screw the tank on to tight?

PS going back to the B&M tomorrow but figured I’d ask here as well. The Spinner is only 2 days old and I’ve been vaping for a week. I’m reduced to analogs ATM as it still works but I have to hold it all together.

Any ideas?

Manger AeroTank Mini issues

I have a Vision Spinner II with the Manger AeroTank mini. My issue is I can’t get the tank to screw onto the battery.

Was working fine earlier today, but now it pops off by itself. Its like the tank threads arent catching the battery‘s.

Did I screw this up by screwing it on to tight? It seemed to not sit properly from the start.

Any ideas?

PS going back to the B & M tomorrow but wanted opinions. The Spinner is brand new (2 days old).

Extremely well done (and not yet available) FDA comment

There was some talk going on about FDA regulations today and someone was kind enough to show the FDA comment that was written and submitted. Very impressive, especially given that it’s been written by a non-smoker/non-vaper who is really passionate and an advocate for vaping (and who gave me permission to upload it to one of my dormant domains because it’s not yet published). I figured folks here might want to see it also. I’m just sad that comments like these are rare. If even 10% of the comments could’ve been like this, wouldn’t that have been something. Anyway, here’s the link:

General Vaping Discussion • Time to get down with your favorite vaping music…

Couple to start with: … qfz36hf27o

Post your favorite videos/song links. Time to get a vaping jam catalog. <img src="” alt=”:roll:” title=”Rolling Eyes” />

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