New toy….

Well….I think I have found my happy place. Purchased. Kangertech evod (it’s pink…:) ). A couple of new juices in 18 mg and 24 mg, purchased the 24 to get me passed the morning/after dinner hump. Found it a little harsh, so I mixed the 18 and 24 together (same flavour). Made it passed supper and even had my hubby smoke and it didn’t bother me….. I keep the 18 for during the day and do the "21" (caramel macchiato ) for morning and after supper. I can do this….

HELP! Making A Table of Wire Resistance

I’m trying to make a complete table for Kanthal A1 wire showing the resistance of each gauge from 22 through 34 (possibly 36) which shows the diameter of the wire in milometers and inches and then the resistance of that gauge of 1 cm, 1 inch and 1 ft of wire accurate to 3 or 4 scientific figures. I was able to copy some information online but the tables I’ve found are never complete or have conflicting data. I did find the equation for finding the resistance of a wire( Resistance = (Resistivity of wire x Length of wire)/Area ) however, I am new to this and the sites I’ve found haven’t always explained what units should be used for each. Apparently the resistivity of Kanthal A1 wire 1.45 (at 20 deg Celsius), but again I’m new to this and don’t know what units apply to come up with that number, or for that matter, what it means – I’m assuming it’s a constant with a material, kind of like the coeficient of static friction between to materials is a constant, but aside from that I’m pretty clueless. Whenever I test out the equation to see if I come up with the same number that other sites have put down for the resistance of a specific gauge at a specific length I don’t even come close no matter what units I use (and I’ve tried every possible combination of units I can think of).

If there is anyone out there who is knowledgeable about this and can help me out I would be incredibly grateful. And if in addition to an explanation they could show a few examples it would really help me in fully understanding this.

I would love to make this table, not just for myself, but for the whole vaping community who like RBAs, RDAs, etc. or like to remake their own micro coils to save a few bucks. I think it could be a big help so if there’s any electrical experts out there who wouldn’t mind giving me a quick lesson, please help me so I can pass along the information.


P.S. I found a site that showed the resistance for a certain wire gauge at 1cm and at 1ft but when I did the math it didn’t seem to add up correctly. I always assume that if 1cm yielded 1ohm of resistance then 2cm yielded 2ohms of resistance and so on; am I not correct in this assumption?

Hello from Abilene, Tx

Hello to all my fellow vapers from Texas. I’m Pax and I’ve been vaping for nearly a year now and have frequently lurked this forum for pointers and advise. But I’ve officially joined and saying hello. I build, mix, and experiment with silly things. I can’t wait to get to know y’all!

What causes more vapor production and flavor etc

Well I have been wondering is all expensive batteries etc just for style, because like a provari vs my vision spinner 2 is like a 1.3v for 1/15 the price. And I hear people start to feel like theyre burning the ejuice a bit at like 4.7 so why on earth would u vape a provari at 6v… Or is it all in the clearomizer for vapor production and flavor, because I have a nautilus and I hear its top of the chain

Purchase An Electric Cigarette Refill With Your E Cigarettes

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E Cigarettes, which are also known has electronic cigarettes, are increasing in their popularity throughout the tobacco industry. Nowadays, you can go into almost any cigarette store and buy electronic cigarettes which in the past finding e cigarettes was somewhat more difficult. This is because e cigarettes are helping many people overcome their habit of smoking cigarettes. People are also buying e cigarettes more now than in the past because it saves them money, which is an asset to any smoker.

If you would like some help with your quest to quit smoking, then you should consider going to a cigarette store to buy electronic cigarettes and an electric cigarette refill. You will need to purchase an electric cigarette refill so you can refill the cartridges that are attached to your e cigarettes. Of course, just like any other product that has helped people put an end to their smoking habit this might work for you or it might not, but one thing is for sure it has worked for many other people in their desire to throwing their cigarettes away into the trash.

If you would like to save some money while you are trying to end your addiction to cigarettes, then you should buy electronic cigarettes along with an electric cigarette refill since this will give you the ability to smoke without having to buy a pack of cigarettes every day. When you go into a cigarette store to buy electronic cigarettes and an electric cigarette refill you might think that they are too expensive, but in the long run you will see that if you purchase electronic cigarettes and any devices that you will need to make them work properly it will save you money in the long run.

The next time you go by a cigarette store or you see a store online that sells e cigarettes certainly it is worth your time and any money to stop and think about how great it would be to save some of your cash while you are still smoking or how it could possibly help you quit smoking altogether. If you think it over than you will be able to see that you should buy electronic cigarettes and an electric cigarette refill so you can at least give these popular products a try like many other people have already done.

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Function of Smokeless Cigarettes

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As you walk around in malls or in the public you will come across a large number of people smoking cigarettes. This they do knowing fully well the side effects of cigarette smoking. You may ask yourself certain questions such as, why would someone risk their own life just for a smoke?  In most cases this is usually as a result of the addictive nature of some of the chemicals found in a cigarette with some examples being tobacco and nicotine. As an individual you may have come across a smoker who may be a close friend or even a family member who has tried to quit smoking but to no avail. To such a person if you were tell them that they can quit cigarette smoking with the use of another electronic device which comes in the form of smokeless cigarettes they will definitely consider it as an option and most importantly if they know they will still be able to get a similar sensation to that of smoking cigarettes. You can buy electronic cigarettes or smokeless cigarettes from any cigarette store.

The effectiveness of smokeless cigarettes has led to numerous addicted smokers using it as device to help them to get rid of their smoking habit which can only lead to the destruction of their health. However, using smokeless cigarettes to aid you to quit smoking is yet to be approved by the FDA. From the name of this electronic device it is clear that it functions as a traditional cigarette but without emitting any tar or containing any harmful chemicals like a standard cigarette.

Smokers can now buy electronic cigarettes from a cigarette store. The best option for beginners to use since in most cases they haven’t made up their minds on whether or not they will continue with smokeless cigarettes is by buying disposable electronic cigarettes. This way they will not have to remain with an E cigarette kit filled still full with no one to use it and money spent which could have been avoided. You can buy electronic cigarettes even from online stores but this is usually more effective when the need for the E cigarette kit is not on high alert which means it is needed urgently. You may end up feeling disappointed when you buy electronic cigarettes online since the delivery can take about 24 hours yet you may need it with immediately. In such a case you can go to a cigarette store and buy electronic cigarettes or an E cigarette kit. The E cigarette kit contains different items. Some of the items contained in the E cigarette kit include the cartridges.

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