enjoying vaping more as i go

I have been vaping for over two years. In that time I tried clearomizers, clearomizers and tanks, mechanical mods, dripping atomized (357) and variable wattage devices and rebuildable dripping atomizers. All this has been great fun and very interesting. YouTube videos have taught me all I could want to know. Right now I love my Itaste MVP 2.0 (purple) with a Protank 2 rebuilt with cotton (wow). Thank you to all in the vaping community because I do not have to smoke cigarettes and can now ride my bike further.:)

Missing my ohm meter……

So I have all my supplies to build this damn RDA except……my ohm meter which was suppose to come today but all I got was another RDA…damn …….s!

Anyways, i want to do my build and experiment but with no tester I’m out of luck. My question is….can I put my RDA base on my MVP 2 just to see what the resistance is? I know it is unconventional, but can that give me what I need??

Hi All

Hello to all on <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF
New to vaping, about 12 days now, but LOVING it !! Ive been searching around for a good site for info and I think <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF is far above the others. I’ll still be hanging around and absorbing all the wisdom here…but I know I’ll have questions and comments soon enough C’ya all on the boards!

New in Vaper E forum

Hi all im new to this forum. being vapeing for a yr+ norm buy it in malaysia but now going in less so mayb going back to cigg….
norm i us to vape this Pantomime Premium E-<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid "Love Cure"

any1 knw where can i get it in SG? thx for ur help by pm me

Anyone heard of Emili?

I love my eRoll so won’t be switching or anything…

But tonight I went to a B&M Shop and they had just gotten in the Emili starter kits. It was interesting to see it and compare it to my eRoll. Weight was similar, design was similar. It’s essentially the same idea.

What I liked was the clear tanks, the 100 mah batteries and 1300 mah PCC that charges two at once.
What I didn’t like was that it’s a manual battery with button, not automatic. I also wondered if extra tanks were available and what price they would be. Seem much "fancier" than the eRoll tanks.

What do you think of it? Like I said, I don’t plan on switching and am quite looking forward to the eRoll-C. I just wondered if anyone has used the Emili or see them and compared.

ps. if you want to see it, search on "Emili ecig" (without quotes) on Google Images

New VAMO V5 battery life terrible, gets hot fast ?????

Hello, I just goat new Vamo V5 in the vape mail today… Already had a V2, but wanted a backup and happy with the v2 for now…. The battery life on the v5 seems significantly shorter, and it feels much hotter while hitting it (especially lung hits as their longer)….

The old one was the black chrome, the new stainless …..

Wondering if anyone can tell me if this is a normal difference between the v2 and v5, or with the stainless version?

< OR >

Do I need to send it back?

It vapes GREAT, functions as intended, just seems to get HOT (dissipates fast) and short battery life….

Thanks in advance!!!

Craig Nabat, Freedom Quit Smoking System Inventor, Offers TMZ.com Founder Harvey Levin the Ability to Liberate Millions of Smokers with Nicotine-free Quit Smoking Method

<img style="float:left;margin: 0 20px 10px 0;" src="http://ecigfortmyers.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/0962b940d5_gI-63413-IMG-6025.png” />
Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 05, 2014

Freedom Laser Therapy, the nation’s leading nicotine addiction clinic based in Los Angeles, has been helping smokers and celebrities overcome their battle with cigarettes for over a decade. Freedom, best known for launching a three year unforgettable radio campaign featuring Founder Craig Nabat and America’s top radio personality Howard Stern, advertisements also ran with renowned DJ, reality star and former child actor Danny Bonaduce. Both star driven promotions helped Freedom attract a large celebrity clientele and ultimately led to thousands of smokers quitting smoking with Freedom.

Freedom Laser Therapy has participated in countless celebrity gifting suites for the Oscars, Grammys, Emmys, and American Music Awards. The purpose was to educate Hollywood’s elite about laser & light technologies, which Freedom uses as nicotine free and non-invasive smoking cessation methods intended to alleviate withdrawal. As a well-known nicotine addiction expert, Nabat became a regular contributor for celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton’s website fitperez.com, which focuses on fitness, health, and celebrities. Nabat deliberately chose to established Freedom in Hollywood California to attract celebrities. His goal has always been to change the public’s perception about smoking and influence people like Harvey Levin to take action by promoting a powerful anti-smoking message to the masses…particularly to the younger generation.

Nabat, frustrated by <a href="http://ecigsstore.com” title=”Repopularization of smoking due to electronic cigarettes” rel=”nofollow” trackinglink=”http://t2802826.invoc.us/track.aspx?id=402|2AC48A|6DC3|0|D8|0|CD|1|6BDDD160&useSmaid=t&destination=http%3a%2f%2fyoutu.be%2fdRrjSzhB2gs&dchk=C2DF95F”>witnessing the repopularization of smoking with electronic cigarettes took his mission to new heights. In a <a href="http://ecigarettesstarterkits.com/ecigarette-starter-kits/” title=”Craig Nabat of Freedom Laser Therapy offers Jenny McCarthy $ 1 million to stop promoting e-cigs.” rel=”nofollow” trackinglink=”http://t2802826.invoc.us/track.aspx?id=402|2AC48A|6DC3|0|D8|0|CE|1|6BDDD160&useSmaid=t&destination=http%3a%2f%2fradaronline.com%2fexclusives%2f2013%2f10%2fjenny-mccarthy-offered-one-million-dollars-to-drop-e-cigarettes%2f&dchk=2302ABA2″>Radar Online report dated October 18th, 2013, the entrepreneur created a fervor when he made a public offer of $ 1 million to actress, model, author, and current host of ABC’s The View, Jenny McCarthy, to remove herself as the spokesperson for Blu e-cigs and instead promote his <a href="http://www.v2cigs.com/6826.html" title="Freedom Quit Smoking System website” rel=”nofollow” trackinglink=”http://t2802826.invoc.us/track.aspx?id=402|2AC48A|6DC3|0|D8|0|CF|1|6BDDD160&useSmaid=t&destination=http%3a%2f%2fwww.tryfreedomquitsmoking.com&dchk=2DE3A66C”>Freedom Quit Smoking System – America’s nicotine free and all natural way to quit smoking. Thankfully Nabat’s prayers were answered, as of March 4th, <a href="http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/03/04/us-usa-ecigarettes-california-idUSBREA2324920140304″ title=”Los Angeles bans electronic cigarettes from restaurants, bars, nightclubs.” rel=”nofollow” trackinglink=”http://t2802826.invoc.us/track.aspx?id=402|2AC48A|6DC3|0|D8|0|D0|1|6BDDD160&useSmaid=t&destination=http%3a%2f%2fwww.reuters.com%2farticle%2f2014%2f03%2f04%2fus-usa-ecigarettes-california-idUSBREA2324920140304&dchk=2BD60F9E”>Reuters reported the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to ban the use of electronic cigarettes, popularly known as “vaping,” from restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other public spaces within the nation’s second-largest city.

During a recent TMZ Hollywood bus tour with his niece and nephew, Nabat learned from TMZ tour coordinator Alex Gettlin that “[his] boss Harvey hates smoking, and [Nabat] should contact him about [his] mission to help people quit smoking.” Nabat immediately knew that Levin, the Godfather of Celebrity Journalism, is the ideal individual to help further Freedom’s mission and spread its anti-smoking message to the world.

Harvey Levin’s TMZ creation is a guilty pleasure for millions and has become a mainstream news source. According to [Quantast, TMZ.com receives 23.3 million monthly views domestically and 30.4 million globally. This has earned TMZ.com an Alexa rank of 84th in the U.S. Broadcasting & Cable reported TMZ Live, the syndicated television show, reaches 2.7 million viewers each day.

Freedom asks, “If TMZ and Harvey Levin are exposing celebrities for their salacious behavior who at times, irresponsibly drink alcohol, drive recklessly and abuse drugs; why wouldn’t they target smokers who are ingesting a deadly product, which contains a multitude of harmful chemicals (including nicotine- the most addictive substance known to man) to their hit list?”

Nabat offers Levin the opportunity to send a dozen Freedom Quit Smoking System kits to smokers interested in quitting to kick off his campaign to free the world from nicotine addiction. Nabat asks himself, “What would Harvey Levin do if he realized he had the power to free millions of people from the shackles of nicotine addiction?”

Corporate Information:

Freedom Laser Therapy, established in 2003, has treated tens of thousands of smokers and helped them overcome their nicotine addiction. After a decade of research and clinical experience in smoking cessation, President and Founder Craig Nabat invented the innovative Freedom Quit Smoking System—a 10-day nicotine free and all natural program developed for at home usage—to free smokers from nicotine addiction and change peoples’ lives. Freedom is actively seeking out corporations committed to assisting their employees in becoming smoke free. Nabat is often seen in interviews and media appearances voicing his firm stance against nicotine.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: HELP AND ADVICE PLEASE

craigchev wrote:
Ive just bought the Aerotank Mega and put it on a Kamry K200+.
Im running it at 4.5v with a 2.0ohm dual coil.
Im just not getting the kind of clouds id like from it, I see people blowing huge plumes of vaper using the aerotank mega on youtube and I wondered if anyone could help me in how I can increase my vaper production?

More VG? I haven’t used the Aerotank or the Kamry but I blow huge plumes with vv. I am VG only and usually the best for me is Highbrow or Virgin Vapors. Virgin seems to create more plume but Highbrow is thicker.

Statistics: Posted by <a href="http://www.ecigadvanced.com/forums/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=75″>VelvetBlade — Sat Aug 23, 2014 6:50 pm