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it is a nautilus clone, but a very good one
way better looking IMO
topcap is far superior to the exposed glass on the nautilus
better driptip designs (you get 2)
slightly larger air holes in the base (slightly better, and i do mean, slightly better air flow}
the coils that come with it are not original aspire, they are clones, but, original nautilus bvc’s fit wonderfully
this is a nice tank

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: I’m getting the itch to get something new!

Recently tried the Smok Pyrex DC Tank V2 . I have been Vaping for 2 years 2 months . This is my 1st time trying cartomizers , I’m OK with the performance so far! It functions very well on my Smok Tech Z Max , no gurgle , clean taste ,good vapor , good flavor ! So far so good ! I was hesitant to try from all the reviews about 25 % out of about 50 reviews that I read were negative responses ! <img src="” alt=”;)” title=”Wink” />

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General Vaping Discussion • What’s in your hand right now?

What is in your hand right now?

Me first.

Left hand: On keyboard typing.
Right hand: On my iVOGO baby got from Angelcigs.

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It’s your turn now. <img src="” alt=”:D” title=”Very Happy” />

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Found the sweet spot.

I am running my first coil on my RM2 and was getting good flavor but not over the top. I moved the air hole a bit to line up with the coils ( as suggested by SuperX). I squonked longer thanks to FB. Wow, I hit the sweet spot! I cannot believe what a difference such minor adjustments can make to the flavor and intensity of the vape. I have not drilled the whole out yet and am loving it. I am getting the hang of the REO and it is a fast learning curve. What a great vape and now I understand why most buy more than one. Thanks for the help Reoville!

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Help with a Maraxus Mod (Black & Gold one), I can’t get it to fire….??

Hi all, I’m sure this has been posted before but I need a little help….. I am trying to put a battery (18650 purple 35Amps Efest, Sony 18650 vtc5) in the black and gold Maraxus mod that I bought a while back and have been procrastinating about trying it out and building my first micro dual coil on the IGO-W (that I had to drill the air holes bigger and my 28 gauge wire keeps breaking when I tighten the screws down, grrrrr)) but when I’m putting the battery in the mod and tighten the mod down I then can’t get my atty to screw in…

I pushed on the pin with a toothpick and the 510 pin will not push down!

If I screw in the atty first and then put the battery in the bottom piece of my mod, screw the mod tight hit the fire button on the bottom the stupid thing won’t fire then….

How do I get this thing to work?

Having issues with mini protank 2

So, I’m vaping sucker punch in my protank and I’m hardly getting any vapor production. I changed my coil even though the one I was using was a day old. What can I do to get my clouds back? My evod tank is working just fine on an older coil so I’m at a loss a to what can be causing the drastic reduction in vapor.

First NT order.

So after a long shift working at the local B&M, smelling juices all day and selling gear, I was dead tired til I saw the little purple package sitting on the couch. Gotta say, I am definitely in love! I had to make this post to show off my goods. I tried both of the flavors so my gma could smell them (certain juices bother her or she cannot stand the smell) but these got the all good and she really liked the smell of grape ape from the bottle and the vapor! 42 thumbs up!

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By the way, I love grape and was sooo stoked to get the grape zotz! I am saving it for a special occasion! Also, thanks to Nick for the personal note, loving the way you make us feel like part of the family!

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