Good E-Juice Calculator?

Alrighty, im still kinda new here. So please forgive me if this question has been asked countless times. Im looking for a good, accurate mixing calculator. Any suggestions? ive noticed some use measurements based on drops, and percentages. But, im interested in calculators that use measurements based on mL since I’ll be using syringes.

Are those Sony VTC4s from real?

Hi guys, I purchased my Sony VTC4s from since many people recommended rtd vapor as a respected online vendor. Today I finally got them. Based on what I read from how to spot fake Sony batteries at <a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>How to spot a fake Sony VTC5 battery, I am not sure if what I have got are authentic.

So to all the battery experts, could you please help me out? Much appreciated.

Here are the pictures.

<a href="” title=”Name: IMG_0431.jpg
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<a href="” title=”Name: IMG_0432.jpg
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<a href="” title=”Name: IMG_0436.jpg
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My concerns are,

1. The QR codes look too bright and dense.
2. The seem looks like what was in the fake one in the article,…Nasty-Seam.jpg

More pics in the next post since they only allow five in one post.

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new user

Hey im looking to quit smoking because of insurance premiums at my job getting ready to double for tobacco users….. I have tried many over the counter gas station brands of e cigs and I can honestly say I have not found one that I like at all…. I smoke Marlboro reds and have smoked them ever since I have started at the age of 13. I will say I looooovvvvee a strong cig the stronger the better but I also like a really smooth cig I have absolutely no desire to quit smoking, I know that’s bad but I absolutely love smoking I need some information on where to get started on something that is similar to what I’m used to if there is anything that is similar to that I’m a pack and a half a day smoker and like I say the stronger the better thanks. Sorry about the grammar and punctuation I am typing on a cell and don’t do,great with them

Best sub-ohm build for flavor in an RDA/mech mod

I’ve been trying to figure out what build would be best for flavor. I’ve heard good things about micro-coils but I’m either doing something wrong or my expectations are too high.

I’ve played with normal dual coil builds around .2-.3 ohms around anywhere from a 3/32 – 1/8 inch bit. I love the warm dense vape but I feel like flavor could get even better. Tonight I tried a build on a 1/16" bit with 25 gauge with 7/8 wraps and ended up at .28 ohms. It vapes and tastes pretty good but I seem to get burnt hits very easily. Much quicker than my previous .3 build with (I think) 5/6 wraps on a 3/32 bit.

Am I doing something wrong with my micro coil builds or do you all recommend a different kind of build for flavor? I can’t build super high considering I like warm vapes and I’m on a mech.

FYI I’m using an authentic copper vanilla and a Tobeco Tohb. Usually only one air hole open on each side to keep the vape warmer and flavor better.

P.S. If there’s a thread about this already please point it out. I couldn’t find a good one.

Smoktech Magneto help…

I got one of these recently, and it’s supposed to be version 3.

I have an Aspire Nautilus Mini with it and am having trouble with it. I’m using an 18500 battery with it. I first put it together and it seems that I was not getting consistent hits at all. Lot’s of bubbling in the tank and sometimes a huge hit or a mouthful of juice. I am thinking of changing the coil (new coil that came with the tank) but have found a few other things that I may be doing wrong.

I noticed that the battery will push down depressing the bottom button inside and don’t know if when I screw the top on if I should screw it tight enough for the battery to bottom out…?

The bottom button safety stop piece will not screw either clockwise or counter clockwise, it is stuck and will not move. I used it before but now can’t remember which way it should turn to stop the button…clockwise or counter clockwise? I have tried to screw it both ways and it just won’t move anymore. (currently stuck in on/open position)

And I also have a kick that will not fit in it with this battery. Does the battery have to be a 18490? The place I got it from said the 18500 would work fine with a kick in it, but it will not it seems.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.