The 26650 BRASS MONKEE! (My christmas present?) hehe

Hey guys! I just had to drop the word off real quick, although I’m sure half of you know about it already.

Looks pretty darn snazzy right? I know it’s a bit pricey at $185, BUT that does include technically 3 (well built, and conductive*) mods, and a pretty perfect looking atty. Ever since Standard Functions released their first mods, and especially the original Brass Monkee RDA, I’ve been a huge fan. Because they truly are top quality drippers, for a competitive price, and they just simply WORK. It feels like real vapers made the products because I honestly never had a single problem with them, and the RDA was the first authentic I ever purchased, and what a perfect one I chose.

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So I think I know what I want for christmas! 😀 :vapor: Three big’ol mods that’ll match my future 26650 atty‘s, and a dripper that’s designed to look good, and work good (it also looks like a cross between the Tobh Atty‘s perfect shape, the Asmodus’s deep drip well, and Stillare style airflow, which frankly is as good as it gets for the time being for me personally.).

And come on! For the price of one stereotypically overpriced mechanical mod, you get 3! Plus an atty! And they’re all high quality! WHOO CHRISTMAS! Lol most places sell them for $185, but I did find V-apes has it for $150 (I’ll bet that includes 35$ shipping though ;))

<a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Authentic Brass Monkee 26650 Mechanical mod by Standard Functions (SF)

Vape strong y’all!

European vs American Mods/Atomizers

Hey guys, been lurking around these forums for a while and I must thank everyone one of you for helping me take the first step towards a smoke free life but I digress and onto my main point:

I’ve recently decided moved onto mechanical mods after my old VV/VW mod was stolen. These forums helped me find a great mod (18350) from Chels and its called the Microstick and I paired it with a GP spheroid. However since I’m new to rebuildables, I wasn’t confident building my own coils yet so I called a local B&M and asked them if they could help and they told me to bring it in and for a small fee, they’d gladly build and wick my coils.

When I went in later on that day and showed them my Spheroid, they all looked at the thing and told me they never saw and atomizer that small before. But I wasn’t too worried because I figured they were professionals and coil building was in their line of expertise.

However, the person who was building my coils used one type of wire (thicker than the one I received with my spheroid) and didn’t even bother to check it on a ohms meter until I mentioned it. I watched instructional videos online and I was informed that the ideal range for this arty was around 1.3 ohms. The worker then grabs an ohms meter from a BRAND NEW BOX and plugs it in to check. The reading? 0.4 ohms. That’s when the red flags in my head went off.

Firstly, do you have to check the ohms every time you build your atty? Secondly, can I run that low on a small mod like this without running the risk of my ruining my setup? I paid top dollar for this and I do not want to mess it up. Please help!

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Nicoticket and the Atlantis tank….thoughts?

So, all of the hype in the gaping world recently seems to be focused on the newly released Aspire Atlantis tank. Have any of you tried any of your Nicoticket stash in the Atlantis and have any thoughts?

I’ve tried Refresh, Band Camp, ACB, Grap3 Ap3, NY NY Cheesecake (with Romantic Raspberry and Strawberry Symphony), Hummingbird. All of the juices have been at 6mg. Device is a VaporShark rDNA 30 (the DNA 40 is on the way. :-))

I think my top two with this tank have been Strawnilla and NY NY Cheesecake with the toppings. Wattages ranged from the low 20s all the way up to the Shark’s limit of 30. Strawnilla really shined on this device for me, and frankly probably the best Strawnilla experience that I’ve had to date which includes other tanks and RDAs (Magma, Big Dripper V1 and the Little Boy). Cheesecake was a close second as the richness of the cheesecake really came through.

On the fruit side, Band Camp’s apple and Grap3 Ap3’s grape really shined well. My Refresh needs to steep a lot more as the mango completely overpowered everything on this tank.

This tank didn’t do anything good for ACB or Hummingbird in my opinion. Both of those seem to taste better to me on the drippers, and in the case of ACB on the Nautilus, Kayfun or Erlkonigin.

Curious if anyone else has experimented with the Atlantis and some of your early thoughts.


Custom laser etched IPV3

Hey guys, Just got my IPV3 the other day and absolutely love it. I do a lot of laser etching and got kinda bored last night. Looked at my box and saw a canvas.

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Mixing 6mg with 0mg to reduce nicotine content slowly.

I am going to be mixing a few favorites of mine soon to reduce the nicotine content. I’ve got a 30ml of Snow Whites Demise at 6mg and another 30ml at 0mg on the way. Along with a Energy Drink at 12mg and 0mg. I understand all the ratio cut dilution %’s etc. I was just wondering if it needs to sit for awhile after mixing of can it just get a good shaking and then on with the festivities?


Coil building for "custard" flavor?? Grant’s Vanilla Custard?

Well, I got lucky and managed to order myself a couple of bottles of Grant’s Vanilla Custard and I’m wondering about building coils specifically to maximize on that custard flavor? The website says they recommend a 1.8ohm coil and that sub-ohm builds "burn" the vapor (at too high a temp) and ruin the flavor. I’ve never built a coil with that high a resistance for one of my drippers. Just wondering whether anyone else has some insight on coil builds for "custard" flavors in general, and for Grant’s Vanilla Custard specifically?

I did find another thread where some people recommended vaping GVC in a tank rather than a dripper. I will try it in my Lemo as well as the Aspire Atlantis; but I really prefer to use my drippers most of the time. Sure hoping some folks that love GVC can give a newbie some advice, so I don’t have to waste a bunch of pricey juice to find a build/device that really brings out the flavor. What’s the old saying? "A smart man learns from his mistakes; but a WISE man learns from the mistakes of others." Trying to be wise, for once. LOL!

Hope this is the right forum – wasn’t sure if this question belonged in the juice section or here, since I’m actually asking a coil question. If it’s the wrong choice, please excuse the error and move it to the right forum.