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Hi guys, to thanks for your long term support of our factory.

we will have a giveaway for the Dovpo GX-200 on SaturdayDecember 6th 2014.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Favorite e-cig brands and where to get them

Each one of us who use electronic cigarettes will have their own brand of their choice to use them. The only doubt that most of them have is where to get best electronic cigarettes for the best price.

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upgraded to a class tank and holy crap the flavor!!!!

Quit smoking October 27th with an itaste clk with iclear 16D clearomizers (nice little battery btw). Upgraded to a mvp 2 in mid november. It came with iclear 16B clearomizers. Black Friday i picked up a Genitank (I guess its pretty much just like the aerotank) and holy crap the flavors. i just love this tank! All the issues I had with the 16B and D with certain juices just disappeared. Did i mention the flavor??? Anyways i guess there is no real reason for this post except I’m excited and I thought I’d share. I’m thinking about getting the mini versions of this tank hope they are as good.

Question. Opinions wanted.

Just picked up my first rebuildable. Kayfun Light V2. This thing is light years better than my protank 2. Great flavor, hit, vapor. Tons easier to re-wick, re-coil and easy, even for a newbie, to modify and do what I want. However, its certainly choked down by my battery (currently an Aspire CF VV 1600) . Was looking at a hcigar clone "origin" for a mech mod. However, Im now thinking, due to vaping all day away form any outlets, that I probably will build my own regulated box mod. Probably off the updated DNA30(50w I’ve heard) due to cost and I cant find the S330 or S335. Also open to purchase a regulated box at less than $90. Wondering what everyones opinion is. Thanks folks. Vape on. :vapor: