Intro of myself from Colorado

Hello <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF, fairly new vaper here. Finished off smoking about a pack an a half a day and since I picked up my kanger evod vv 1600 w/ aspire nautilus mini from my local b&m I haven’t smoked a cigarette. I then decided to step up and buy a mech mod. I decided on a tobecco stingray clone with an efest 18650 3.7v 2500mah and Mephisto dripper. I started dripping %100 vg juice with %1.2 nic. Quickly realized that was waaaaay to high a nic level and reduced it to .3% nic. Unfortunately I dropped my sting ray on the bus and bent firing pin. I was able to hammer it out so it fires but now I can’t use the locking ring so that’s a bummer. I then picked up a tobecco onyx clone and a kanger Aerotank turbo for giggles. I’m Happy to become part of the forums and look forward to learning with all of you!

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Some Asisstance with an MVP 2.0 & Aspire Atlantas Tank.

Hello all,

Been vaping for a while, but ran into my first issue today. Purchased the Aspire Atlantis tank with the assumption it should work without issues on an MVP 2.0, but each time I fire the device, It refuses to fire and the auto protection kicks in. Any suggestions as to why or how to rectify this issue? I would hate to think I purchased this new tank and its useless to me to use. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Anybody Have Any Experience With An EhPro Revel RDTA?

I just ran across a RDTA called the Revel by EhPro that seems to have a pretty neat concept, and I wanted to see if anybody knows much about it. I have an authentic Big Dripper by Sub Ohm Industries, and I really like it, but always looking for new options, and the glass tank on the Revel would be convenient. Anybody know anything about them as far as vapor production, flavor production, quality, or other info? Not much on YouTube thus far.

General Vaping Discussion • Re: What are you waiting for in the mail?

Due to thousands of orders Apollo says it could take 2 to 4 weeks to ship recent orders !!! Oh my gotta wait <img src="” alt=”:!:” title=”Exclamation” /> <img src="” alt=”:roll:” title=”Rolling Eyes” /> <img src="” alt=”:lol:” title=”Laughing” />

Statistics: Posted by <a href="″>Charles Hallman — Wed Dec 03, 2014 7:04 pm

General Vaping Discussion • Re: What are you waiting for in the mail?

Charles Hallman wrote:
Waiting for Apollo <a href="”>liquids to come one day ??? Maybe <img src="” alt=”:?:” title=”Question” />

Me too! They got my penny so I want my <a href="”>liquid! <img src="” alt=”:lol:” title=”Laughing” />

Statistics: Posted by <a href="″>efine50 — Wed Dec 03, 2014 11:58 am

General Vaping Discussion • Re: What are you waiting for in the mail?

Waiting for Apollo <a href="”>liquids to come one day ??? Maybe <img src="” alt=”:?:” title=”Question” />

Statistics: Posted by <a href="″>Charles Hallman — Wed Dec 03, 2014 11:40 am

Canada E-Juice Prints Dramatically Improved E-Liquid Labels with Their Kiaro! Label Printer from QuickLabel Systems, an Astro-Med Business Unit

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West Warwick RI (PRWEB) March 06, 2014

QuickLabel Systems, an Astro-Med, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALOT) business unit, has released a video interview with the staff of Canada E-juice, to document how the Oshawa, Ontario manufacturer of e-<a href="”>liquids has improved their labels using a Kiaro! inkjet label printer.

The new video can be viewed on the <a href="” title=”QuickLabel Systems website” rel=”nofollow” trackinglink=”|2A1ADA|63B3|0|2|0|1|1|6BDD019A&useSmaid=t&″>QuickLabel Systems website, on the QuickLabel blog, and on QuickLabel’s YouTube channel at

<a href="" title="Canada E-juice website” rel=”nofollow” trackinglink=”|2A1ADA|63B3|0|2|0|2|1|6BDD019A&useSmaid=t&″>Canada E-juice is a privately owned company in the Greater Toronto Area which manufactures and sells e-<a href="”>liquids, along with e-cigarette supplies, to customers and wholesalers throughout Canada.

Deborah Walker, Director of Canada E-juice, found that with the Kiaro! she was able to engage her customers, show off her product, and stand out on the shelf.

“We add quality to our juice, our bottle, and our industry just by the look of our label,” says Walker.

“Canada E-juice presently has 92 flavors, but we’ve got more on the make,” says Walker. They’ll soon have well over 100 different varieties of e-juice, all available in different levels of nicotine.

In their early phases, Canada E-juice was “printing very basic labels,” says Walker, “but business started growing. We needed our labels to stand out more, and we purchased the Kiaro! to enhance our labeling. To print good quality labels, and to print over 90 labels – the Kiaro! was the way to go.”

Quality Labels Attract Customer Attention

“When I first saw the Kiaro! I was amazed,” said Walker, “to be able to put beautiful, well designed, shiny, bright labels on our bottles was very exciting. We use the Kiaro! to print every single label that we have: our fruits, our tobaccos, our drinks. They’re easy to print, quick to print, and absolutely look gorgeous on our bottles.”

Canada E-juice required elegant imagery on small, detailed, labels that was clear, attractive, and showed off their flavors.

Luke Hahn, a veteran employee at Canada E-juice, immediately saw the advantage in printing labels with a Kiaro! label printer.

“Our labels now have actual graphics on them” says Hahn, “You can see the flavor, you can actually see a fresh strawberry, instead of just having the word “strawberry” across the label,” says Hahn, “now our labels are in full color and they look much more appealing.”

Debbie Walker agrees, “The Kiaro prints awesome labels. They’re absolutely beautiful, bright, and brilliant. The feedback that we’re hearing from our customers is astounding.”

Flexibility and Efficiency in Production

With over 90 flavors of e-juice, Debbie knew that ordering pre-printed labels for each variety would be costly and wasteful.

“We put out a lot of bottles,” says Walker, “being able to print out the labels immediately with the Kiaro!, and get the bottles out the door is just phenomenal. Because we use over 90 flavors, the ability to use the Kiaro! to print banana in one hour, and Canada the next is just amazing.”

Luke Hahn believes that having a fast lead time greatly improves customer satisfaction, and says the Kiaro! is vital to Canada E-juice’s efficiency with filling orders.

“The Kiaro! has definitely helped us on our lead time,” says Luke Hahn, “our lead time is incredibly short compared to other companies because we have the power here to provide our customers with what they need. Before, it took time to change the e-juice names, and change everything else on the label. Now we just open up the file, hit print, and we’re on our way.”

“We manufacture thousands of bottles of juice a week now,” says Walker, “as we grow, we need what the Kiaro! can offer. It prints absolutely beautiful labels, for every bottle label from apple all the way to watermelon.”

“Now we put quality labels on quality juice,” says Walker, “and customers have been making comments clear across the country.”

About Canada E-juice

Canada E-juice is an E-juice supplier providing premium quality E-juice, and is the premier provider of E-<a href="”>liquids and E-juices in Canada.

Canada E-juice only uses premium quality, food-grade ingredients sourced in North America, including U.S.P. Grade Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, with no food coloring or food dye added.

In addition to making their own fresh E-juices, Canada E-juice offers many types of e-cigarette Kits including Innokin and Joyetech products. Shop online for all Canada E-juice products at <a href="" rel="nofollow" trackinglink="|2A1ADA|63B3|0|2|0|3|1|6BDD019A&useSmaid=t&”>

About QuickLabel Systems and Astro-Med, Inc.    

QuickLabel Systems is a leading manufacturer of digital color label printers used by manufacturers and processors who want to print their own labels in-house as an alternative to buying large quantities of pre-printed labels. QuickLabel Systems is a brand of Astro-Med, Inc., a manufacturer of high tech specialty printing systems and data acquisition systems for test and measurement. Astro-Med, Inc. (NASDAQ:ALOT) is a member of the Russell Microcap® Index. Additional information is available by visiting <a href="” rel=”nofollow” trackinglink=”|2A1ADA|63B3|0|2|0|4|1|6BDD019A&useSmaid=t&″> Keep up with QuickLabel Systems on Twitter at and on Facebook at <a href="” rel=”nofollow” trackinglink=”|2A1ADA|63B3|0|2|0|6|1|6BDD019A&useSmaid=t&″>

More <a href="”>E Cigarette juice Press Releases