General Vaping Discussion • Re: Life after MVP2 and KFL

For the most part I store mine vertically.

And I have no problems when I lay them on their sides for short times.

Sometimes some <a href="”>liquid makes it into the drip tip if I overfill the device.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Your preferred PG/VG ratio?

Me, I usually go for a 60/40 PG/VG blend at 12mg of nic.

But with my last order I changed to a 70/30 at 8mg of nic.

PG is the component that carries most of the flavor and Throat Hit. VG makes the clouds. And gunks up your coils.

Nic is also responsible for Throat Hit.

So by changing my formula, while reducing my Nicotine, I compensate for the Throat Hit by adding a higher percentage of PG which will also provide more flavor. And by reducing the VG while my vapor will be lighter (and I don’t care) my coils will last longer.

And PG is safe. It has been used in medical inhalers for decades now. And there are also studies to show that PG kills the same germs that give you the cold and the flue.

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General Vaping Discussion • Your preferred PG/VG ratio?

I’ve only had experienced with 50/50 so far, so would love to hear about your personal experience with e-<a href="”>liquids of various PG/VG ratios.

Online it says that VG produces more vapor, while PG gives more throat hit…. so if i dont care about how much smoke my inshare e-cig produces since i’m not smoking to impress friends or to look cool and only care about the satisfactions of smoking a cigarette, would a 80/20 PG/VG ratio be better for me?

And in regards to VG and PG <a href="”>liquid, is VG considered safer ? though PG has also been approved as generally safe by the FDA. But compared to VG which is basically made from vegetable oil/coconut oil, is VG safer?

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new juices

I just got vigilante vip (very important pineapple) and twig and berries life of pie. I also received a free 15 ml of propaganda camp fire. The vip is pretty good. The flavor is pineapple, blueberries and cream. I’m on a mission to find the perfect pineapple flavor but they all fall short, this one is by far the best but I’m not floored. The life of pie is amazing, it’s a key lime pie flavor and damn its delicious. Haven’t tried camp fire yet but it smells good.<img src="” style=”vertical-align: middle;” border=”0″ alt=”Huh” title=”Huh” />

General Vaping Discussion • Christmas gift hot e cigarette from DOVPO

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do batteries lose power?

Ive been using my evod 1600 v.v. for about a month and a half and lately it seems like its not putting out as many volts as it once did,its feels like its taking longer to get my juice warm, not holding a charge as long usually about 6-7 hours of vape time. I never let it run all the way down befor putting it on the charger because i read on here its best not to. I even make sure to click 5 times to make sure its turned off in between vapes. Anyway of testing it or can it be the coils going bad ( maybe a bad batch )
. how long should a 1600 mah battery last before having to charge it again

VA cyclone question

Hey folks, quick question about the cyclone. Just picked one up and it doesn’t make positive connection with the reo. The positive part of the connection in the 510 of the cyclone is flush/slightly recessed into the atty. It doesn’t make connection. My rm2 positive is sticking out a touch and of course works fine. Is this adjustable on the cyclone? I took a screw driver to it and it didn’t want to budge. I didn’t try super hard as I didn’t want to screw it up.

Let me know what you think, otherwise I will send it back doa.

Thanks all!

Omega RDA with thumbscrews

So I ordered a whole kit as a starter for building, and it comes with an omega with thumbscrews, rather than Phillip head screws. Has anyone seen something like this, and are they necessarily good/bad for a first time builder like myself?

Please redirect me if I’m in the wrong forum xx

Kanger dual coil wicks coming out?

So i noticed this was happening. Not sure why has anyone ever had this happen? There 1.8 ohm coils in the aerotank v2. There obviously not like this new out of the the package but after i refill it after the first tank this is how it comes out. Could this cause dry burns? I notice they do not last very long at all. Thoughts?
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