My first Nano (super nano?) coil

Decided it was time to rebuild the Kayfun Light. I wanted to keep it around 1.5ohm for flavor and for use on my Vamo. Wanted to try something different. So I built my first nano coil. I’m not sure if it really counts as a nano but it’s the smallest I’ve ever built. 28G Kanthal with 12 wraps around a 1.52mm hex wrench. Comes in at 1.7ohm. Vapes like a champ! Yeah…I guess you could say it’s getting serious.:laugh:
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12/7-12/14 Ginger’s Running Give-A-Way!!

The Vapor Room

Ginger’s USA Blends Give-A-Way 12/7-12/14

It’s easy…. Every week one person will win a free 15ml!
Only one post per person. You will not be eligible if you post more than once.

Post and list what flavor, strength, and ratio you would like from our flavor list.
<a href="<a href="”>liquid-1010.html” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>HERE to view our flavor list.

11/9 Winner: SlaveOne
11/16 Winner: a wandering soul
11/23 Winner: Spidey2011
12/2 Winner: carrielsal
12/7 Winner: Sandiej02

We will randomly choose ONE from the number of posts in this thread. Winners will be chosen every Sunday around 9PM EST!

Winners will be posted on this thread as well as contacted via PM on the forum for shipping information.

Thanks for taking part and Happy Vaping!
Josh and Jess

Atlantis – Day 9 same coil !

I really continue to be impressed by this tank
Using at 35-40 watts on my IPTV2 since last Friday
While it’s not my only device, I am at least using 1-2 tank refills a day

I just changed from a Tobacco Bourbon aged juice to a Super Fruity juice, and it didn’t take long for the change over at all, on an almost dry coil.

I know I am jinxing my self, but tonight on Day 9/10 it still tastes and works great

Lets see what coil number 2 does (when needed !)

10 Reasons To Switch To E-Cigs (for Newbies)

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Some people have trouble coming to terms with the fact that smoking is much worse than vaping and switching to e-cigs, or sometimes remaining on them (if their experience is bad). This article gives 10 reasons on why to switch over.

Victory eCig Unboxing

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How To Make Your Own (DIY) E Cig Juice/Liquid – Recipes Anyone?

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