Clapton Coil

26g/ 32g, kanthal, 1.5mmID, .3 ohms vaping at 75 watts on my SIG out of my Tugboat. My all time sweet spot for any juice except custards. I like my dicetones a lil cooler[emoji16]
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Same build in my son’s Magma:
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Best batteries for low ohm vaping

I am just wanting to get some people opinion on batteries. Right now me and my brother have 2 Sony vtc4s and 2 Sony vtc5s. As I’ve read these are some of the best batteries and a lot of people love them. These batteries have served us well but they are starting to get nicked and the plastic on the top has melted in a couple places. The dailies we both use are around .08 to .07 ohms. Yes that is correct not a typo. I am running dual parallel 22 gauge 5 wrap coils and he is running 18 gauge dual coil 5 wrap coils. I want to know which batteries have the highest pulse amp rating.

First time building a coil, now my KangerTech battery won’t fire.

So I recently bought the Optimus RDA from and I was using the stock coil and wick, but then it started to hit my throat in a weird and bad way and not producing much vapor. So I decided to try my first build. I also recently bought some 30 gauge Kanthal wire and some cotton, which is what I used. I wrapped the wire 8 times around a nail that I measured to be 2mm. That probably isn’t very accurate because I used a ruler but it didn’t say a measurement on the box of nails. I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty ugly. I then inserted the leads into the posts, wrapped them one time around the posts, and screwed down the posts. Then I put the cotton through the coil, soaked it in juice, and put it on my 1000mAh KangerTech EVOD battery. However, when I press the firing button, it just blinks three times. Can anybody help me with this?

Am i wrong to worry

A few months ago I began rewicking my kayfuns on my provari and somehow managed to fire it and ended up scorching my wick.:oops: So to keep from doing it again I would turn it off. :thumb:
Then without turning it back on I checked the ohms and it showed like a 1.1 ohm, which from just dry burning the coil a few minutes prior and checking the ohms it had showed a 1.7 ohm.
Sure enough, I turned it back on and checked, it was back to showing a 1.7 ohm coil.

Is that actually normal? To have a .6 ohm difference between being powered on or off when you check ohms.

It still works flawlessly, I just wanted to know why and if it’s a sign of any problems.

So, please help put my mind at ease. :laugh:

General Vaping Discussion • Re: Nicotine not addictive? Yeah right!

AllenKobe wrote:
Hi Guys

It often comes up in replies to posts that nicotine is not addictive, or that there are studies that suggest that it isn’t. I find that rather strange, to me it has DENIAL written all over it. I know there are substances other than nicotine that may also be addictive which explains why it is so difficult to quit smoking. However, I am still convinced nicotine is the main culprit. If nicotine is not addictive surely it must be possible to stop vaping cold turkey? How many of you would be able to do that? I know I couldn’t. I know smoking addiction is a complex thing but I can’t imagine having to go without my nic. Quitting vaping is definitely not on my radar at the moment, and probably not ever.

How do you feel about this?



I think even grade school children know that Nicotine is addictive.

As for me, I am going to continue to lower my nic until I get down to about 3mg. I started out at 36mg and I just dropped down to 8 mg from 12mg.

No problem with the drop.

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General Vaping Discussion • his arrival might have subtle effects on wome

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