Vaping and depression? Veteran vapers.

Ok I am 54 I was a very heavy smoker 50 a day in the end but have not had one single smoke or even a puff in over 2 years.

I am wondering if vaping causes depression? When I smoked I was very active in fact i have always been a bit hyper active but since I stopped smoking I have become very inactive and just cant be bothered any more to do all the things I used to do and enjoy?

As anyone else experienced this? it could be unrelated to vaping or smoking but its the only thing that has changed in my life since i started vaping full time.


Reusing Aspire BVC coils?

Hey guys and gals,

First of all I did NOT know that you could reuse these coils… :confused: I thought that once they started to taste bad you were supposed to throw them out and replace with a new one. If this is the case, why would you ever need more than 1 or 2 coils to cycle through? Am I missing something here? I would love to not be spending tons of money on coils if I’m going through these things every 5-6 days. Thanks!

Also what is your preferred method of cleaning a BVC coil?

We Need You Wisconsin

Madison is trying to crush out the vaping community by banning vaping in public places and even trying to include parks and beaches. This is just the first steps to grouping us together with tobacco. Then taxing us with the same rates as tobacco is soon to follow. If you are not yet a member of the CASAA I suggest you go and get signed up. We all need to step up and say no to these people that would like nothing better then to take away our right to vape.