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Electronic cigarette is a device from which a smoker can feel the pleasure of real smoking. Electronic cigarette also known as e cigarette. It has many brands with many flavors and a user can choose the flavor as per his taste. Electronic cigarette contain three types of functional devices, a cartridge, this is each end opening material. Another one is an atomizer, and it converts the <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid nicotine in vapors for inhaling. The other one is cartomizer (cartridge/atomizer).when their heating element degrades, they can dispose.

In that case if a user confused to choose a best electronic cigarettes review then a user needs to read the electronic cigarette reviews. From electronic cigarette reviews a user will be stable to choose an e cigarette without any kind of confusion. According to electronic cigarette reviews, a user can take information about e cigarette how to use an electronic cigarette and where to buy it? Electronic cigarette is the best option to quit smoking. Electronic cigarette does not contain any type of harmful elements but in traditional cigarette there are thousands of chemical and these chemical contains carbon monoxide, carcinogens, toxic and they causes cancer. There are many brands in the market like Blu cigs, V2 cigs, and Green smoke etc.

According to the V2 cigs review, V2 cigs is the famous brand in the electronic cigarette world. It has many flavors peppermint, chocolate, cowboy (likened Marlboro) and vanilla. In the V2 cigs review a user learns that how to use a V2 cigs. These are ashless and there are no cigarette butts. Its starter kit very good for newcomer of e cigarettes contain various products for using an electronic cigarette. It contains a V2 battery (one automatic and one is manual), ten cartridges, one USB charger, ONE A/C wall adapter and one user manual. If you are a hard smoker then you need to be change your way of smoking which is very healthy way and don’t have any kind of harmful effect.

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General Vaping Discussion • Promotion Christmas e cigarette from dovpo, big surprise!

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Help Contacting ECF?

Hey guys,

I tried contacting several members with no response and have contacted the correct person for my question. Is there a normal response time? I have a brand new website that I would like to be reviewed but I haven’t gotten a response from either person I contacted. I don’t want to break any rules but I just don’t know what to do. Thanks for your time.


New Here and have a question already

New here been browsing a good while and i have to say this place is pretty neat.

Not new to vaping been at it a year or so, heres my question

I have been using my VS Rdna 30 for about 4 months and today had an issue i cant explain. The device will not regulate at all, when set at 7 watts it fires at the device minimum of 4Volts but if i take the wattage from 8-30watts it will only fire at 3.6V, nothing has seemed to help, ive switched batteries with no change. this is firing a 1.3 ohm load of 30g kanthal. Whats up with my vaporshark?

New Toy!!! What ohm build do you run on your Reo Grand/Reomizer

I have a Reo Grand LP/Reomizer 5.0 and heard that the button is prone to melting at low sub ohm temperatures. The problem is I’m not sure how low is too low?

I tried my first build at .34ohm and it was cool and produced a nice amount of vapor. No problems with over heating. My 2nd build (which I am currently running at) is .26ohm. .26 produces a lovely amount of warm vapor and doesn’t seem to be overheating. I take inhales intermittently not "chain vaped" and I don’t take long drags. This build seems to be fantastic I just want to make sure it is safe.

Here is a picture: <img src="http://ecigfortmyers.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/2051b909ad_MpzAR82.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”” />

Also there is a gap between the reomizer 5.0 and the Reo Grand LP, is this something that is normal? I didn’t want to over tighten but this is as tightened as I feel comfortable turning it. Any suggestions on how to get it to sit flush as I see others with Reo Grand LPs paired with Reomizer 5.0s that are sitting flush?

Thanks guys! Loving this little gem 🙂

Madvapes – Shipping issue : mokai

Company name

Date of your initial complaint to the supplier.

3 December 2014

How did you contact the supplier

Website ticket system

Ticket number (if you were issued one)


General nature of complaint


Briefly describe your problem or issue

I placed an order with madvapes on Nov 24. It was shipped on Nov 25 but the tracking number has had a status of ‘Shipping Label Created’ since November 25, 2014 5:47 pm. There have been no further updates to this parcel.

I have contacted madvapes twice to get them to contact USPS to find out what is happening with this parcel, but they refuse (I’m unable to contact USPS as I’m international, USPS site tells me to get the sender to contact them). Madvapes response was ‘we are unable to call USPS at this time’ in the latest reply from them on Dec 9.

I have advised them that I’ve received 2 other parcels that were ordered 5 days after this one, but they cite ‘possible customs delays’. The parcel has not been scanned into my local post tracker, so it has not hit my country.

I don’t understand why they will not contact USPS to find out the status. This has been a very unsatisfactory buying experience, made worse that this is actually an order for a friend which was bought with my recommendation of this company.