newbie one month 5 days side effect and ecig info intrests

Hi there new to ecigs and totally amazed so far! but am concerned that I may not be vaping properly ! I live in northern BC Canada and only had one vape to buy it is a aspire and have started with a 18mg <a href="”>liquid all was well and vaped when ever how ever just to get off the real but a month later have been having headaches and not really any other symptoms vape mostly in evening without much during day anyone have this before could I be over doing it in the eve and pay during the day ?

I came across this site several weeks ago and find it very useful to assess the risk involved in buying from unknown (to me) web sites. I thought that I should post a link here so that others may benefit from it as well. Seems like there have been many scammers out there in our community as of late. | check a website for risk | check if dodgey | website trust reviews |check website is fake or a scam

This is how you keep a customer!

My local B&M happens to be Cigtechs which is an awesome shop that offers wide variety of mods, starter kits, accessories and a whole ton of premium juices including their own which is amazing. I’ve purchased pretty much everything from them for my vaping needs and I visit the shop very frequently and always pick something up while I’m there. Although I am a bit socially awkward when it comes to talking to people and things of that nature they are always welcoming and always treat me and everyone that walks through the door like a valued customer. So anyway today I walked in looking for a couple things mainly needed a syringe and some kanthal. As always they greeted me with a smile and asked what could they help me with. I asked if they had syringes which they obviously did and also asked for some kanthal. They were quick to get my stuff for me while asking what else I needed. I asked one of the guys behind the counter if they had any Japanese cotton and if they just sold it by the pad. He didn’t tell me how much it was but just said "sure man I’ll just toss you some". I only spent like $15 and they gave me some Japanese cotton for free! It may seem like a small thing but it made me feel appreciated as a customer and it showed how well they treat there customers and how to keep them. Sometimes I spend over $100 per visit or sometimes I just pick up $10 worth of stuff either way I think this is how a vape shop or any local business needs to be ran and just wanted to share. I also have rant and horror story about another B&M that just opened and man they are the complete opposite but I’ll share that one next time. Pictures just cause <img src="” border=”0″ alt=”” /><img src="” border=”0″ alt=”” />

Beyond Frustration!!!!!!!!

So I’ve been vaping for 4 months and quit cigs that same day. I started on ego battery and kanger mini tank, upgraded to the MEGA tank and Provari and was happy except I kept goin through coils like something crazy. I decided to upgrade to a ehpro kayfun 3.1 and it was great for 3 weeks until the fill screw on the side of the base got stripped. I purchased another one of ebay and went with a no named clone of the Russian 91%. Built a 1.8 coil filled it up and bam, harsh burn taste and leaking out the air hole. Cleaned and dried it then re wicked again and the same Damn thing happened. I’m tired of the this cloned kay(not so)fun pieces of crap. Now I’m back to the kanger mega tank and faulty coils. The funny thing is that I don’t remember smoking being this much of a pain in the …. I hate pre-made coils and love rebuilding, I’m just tired of the leaking, whistling and crap performance of these not so kayfuns.
I’m looking for a good tank with zero issues that I can build single coils on.
Is there such a thing?
I will not go to the dripper route because I’m a truck driver who doesn’t have time to fiddle with stuff.
I like a all day tank that I can fill and go for 12+ hours.