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jonjay wrote:
Ugh.. So I purchased this little baby from Smartvapes and received it around October 25th. I loved it, however it is now December 15th, and last night the thing just stopped working. It doesnt read ohms, and when nothing is attached it shows .3 -.6 ohms, yet there is nothing attached!

I initially used a dripper on it, then switched to the nautilus mini, and when I first switched attachments, it wouldnt make connection so I used the little 510ego connector and that has worked up until this point. But now im assed out, and upset. I e-mailed customer service, however i am not certain if they are going to do the right thing.. here’s to hope

Thanks for letting me vent.


Hopefully C.S. will do the Right thing for you ! I had issues with a cloupor T-5 after 3 weeks of light use ,I was lucky they refunded my $ But I lost out on return shipping . Put a bad taste in me now I’m afraid to buy any cloupor products! Good luck My friend & keep us posted please ! <img src="” alt=”;)” title=”Wink” />

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Vaping some <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_42.html”>diy hazelnut (10ml 60/40 10 drops of FW hazelnut and 6 drops of NF Vanilla Cream)

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new guy with lots of questions

A little background first: I’ve been smoking since I was 17 and dipping since I was 21(34 now). After seeing how much I was spending a month($350!) I decided to quit.

I just stopped buying snuff and haven’t had a dip since 11/5. I went up to 1 1/4 packs a day. I picked up my ego c twist back up, bought some new evod tanks and went down to 3/4 pack a day. Finally I said screw it and just quit buying them. Cig free since 11/16.

So now I have 2 egos and a PT3v2 2 ohm dual with 24mg 30 VG juice. I switch between blue voodoo, jade tiger, and hawk sauce. I’m gonna pick up some Pluto once my local brick and mortar gets it back in.

I’m getting a bit long winded so I’ll ask some questions in another post. Sorry, I’m just really pumped about a new hobby and quitting smoking and dipping! I’ll see y’all around!