Mid Hudson Valley New York Vapers

I thought I’d start a thread to try to identify Mid Hudson Valley, New York Vapers.

I also thought I’d mention that we have a large chain in our area now carrying vaping products – Smokes 4 Less.
I didn’t realize that there are 14 of those stores in the Hudson Valley.
They are now carrying a bunch of vaping products – both starter and more advanced.

I picked up some vaping products from Criss-Cross there today, and I am really pleased with the products and the prices from Smokes 4 Less.

Ok, MHV folks – check in here.

Hi from the new guy

Just wanted to say Hi.
I started vaping back in the spring but only to cut back on analogs, not to quit entirely. I lurked around here a bit over the summer and really started to get right into it, however was I was still smoking the occasional, and I’m glad I did.
On september 3rd my girlfriend and I found out we’re pregnant and that was the big kick in the … to drop the analogs and I’m proud to say that since that day I haven’t had even one!
Vaping has become a real hobby for me more so than just replacing one habit with another and a big part of that has to do with what I’ve read and learned from these forums so I just wanted to say ‘thanks’.

B V C nautilus mini problems

Two weeks ago I bought a new tank first one leaked bad took it back got second I am using a tesla mod I am down to vaping at 8.5 watts 3.7 volts no flaver but if I set it to Its sweet spot 11.5 WATTS COILS FRY In short time vapes but no flavorThought I Was getting vape mouth in stall new coil works great above 9 watts but I have been through 6 coils in 14 days but I read about 9/ 15 watts no problem mine big Problem 😡

General Vaping Discussion • Магазины одежды онлайн

Современно одеться сегодня вполне возможно, в зависимости от наличия средств, производителя и расположения бутика. Все любят покупать новинки ежегодных коллекций одежды. Во многих странах важно лишь, чтобы вещь была удобна, а у нас выбирают обычно потому, что модно и чтобы позавидовали. Тем не менее следить за модой, идти с ней в ногу очень сложно, поскольку она всегда быстро меняется. Лучше всего выбрать только один стиль и просто обновлять гардероб из новых коллекций…

Хотите знать больше? Тогда вам [url=http://fashion-shope.ru/odezhda/remix.php]Сюда[/url] !

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Hello ECF

Hello all so Ive been lurking around the site for probably about a year now and decided it’s about time I join. I’m not a new vaper but theres always more to learn… I started on a vtr jumped to clone mechs and rdas but in the last 4 months have gone to all authentics and more recently I’ve been strictly been on high watrage regulated/mech box mods…. crazy when the bug bites and before you know it you double the amount you would have spent on cigs on vape gear.. I’m from the ny area and have been through all the major brick and mortars in the city and a few in the westchester/ upstate area always looking for a decant shop so if anyone from the ny area knows good shops that aren’t trying to sell a clone for 50 more then a authentic please let me know good B&Ms are hard to come by .

Time to upgrade… I think it’s an upgrade

Hello all, long time lurker, very infrequent poster.

I currently have an itaste MVP with a protank 2 mini. I’ve been using that setup for just over a year now. I’m really thinking about getting something that I can sub ohm with, but without having to rebuild my coils. I just don’t have the patience for that right now. I found a kit online for an Aspire Atlantis with tank and a sub ohm battery. My problem is that it does not come with a charger and I don’t know what charger to get. It says that it uses an ego charger but I want to make sure I get one that will work for sure. I’m in a fairly rural area so I have no local B&M within 100 miles so it’s all getting purchased online.

Thank you for helping.

(I did some searching of the forum but I couldn’t find what I was looking for)

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: What are you waiting for in the mail?

2 Taifun GT clones, 2 Taifun GS clones, 1 VW mod, 2 mech mods, a new RTA to try out, replacement tanks, and other assorted goodies.

I should have enough attys and mods to last until NEXT Christmas <img src="http://ecigfortmyers.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/5931083c50_icon-e-biggrin.gif” alt=”:D” title=”Very Happy” /> <img src="http://ecigfortmyers.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/5931083c50_icon-e-surprised.gif” alt=”:o” title=”Surprised” /> <img src="http://ecigfortmyers.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/81cb5e5dc8_icon-lol.gif” alt=”:lol:” title=”Laughing” />

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: What are you waiting for in the mail?

PVA -40 is in manufacturing stage finally! Now I wait patiently for delivery estimated end of Feb. or first of March 2015 ! <img src="http://ecigfortmyers.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/792edde1a3_icon-neutral.gif” alt=”:|” title=”Neutral” /> I hope it’s worth the wait ? <img src="http://ecigfortmyers.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/792edde1a3_icon-neutral.gif” alt=”:|” title=”Neutral” />

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