General Vaping Discussion • Re: The PV Picture Game

She’s probably more well worn than simply beat up (still a fair amount of rust), but MERRY CHRISTMAS! ! <img src="” alt=”:D” title=”Very Happy” />


Don’t know if it qualifies as beat up, but let me know. <img src="” alt=”:roll:” title=”Rolling Eyes” />

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Which is your favorite mod?

I bought a IPV2 a few weeks back and really liking this box mod. 50 watts in plenty enough kick for this vaper along with kayfuns as my attys of preference.
I have many mechs but only a couple mods so I rotate between my Sentinel, couple Chiyou’s, K100 and several assorted others.
One of my more favorite mechs is this Sigelei#20 with brass Chiyou top and end cap topped with a kayfun. With a Sigelei Zmax 650 extension tube I can use a 650 with a kick in this setup, the 650 with kick is a bit long so I stick more to a 500 with kick as in the picture. Over time I’ve lost all faith in Sigelei products since I have several mechs and a Zmax and they always end up causing me more grief than they are worth so making this ChiSigel mech did breathe a bit more life into a long unused Sigelei tubes. Just for all the bad past I’ve had with some Sigelei products I would not buy another Sigelei product, especially one with electronics cause my Zmax has been a hassle beast pretty well since I bought it (random menu popups along with changing voltage on its own).
So far my mostest favorite setup is the pink provari I bought for my wife 18+ months ago, she takes it to work and everywhere inbetween and that unit hasn’t skipped a beat. I don’t care how my PV’s run, I’ll just fix them but hers has to be reliable and her provari has proven that. "Happy Wife….Happy Life"

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Vaping Frequency

Just wondering how much you folks vape. Do you vape like you used to smoke? In the evenings while at home I’d usually smoke a stinky every 30 mins or so. I’m currently vaping an 18mg Ahlusion juice. Are you vaping on that same schedule? Should I just be hitting the vape 8-10 times every half hour like I would have done with the stinkies? Or do you just hit on the vape every 5 mins or so and space it out? Seems like a dumb question but just curious.

Measuring Accurately with Syringe Question

So my first couple of syringe plungers were either flat plastic or flat black rubber (which I liked better as they slide easier). So I ordered a couple from Wizard Labs because they had the rubber ends, but when they came the rubber end has like a cone point so I’m wondering if I measure using the flat edge of the rubber(higher than the tip of the cone) will the amount of <a href="”>liquid actually be what the line says it is? Hope this is understandable.

RDA With Fixed Pin

I have been looking for a mod that doesn’t use a the 510 center pin. I want a mod that is as small as possible and cutting out that 510 connection will decrease the height slightly. My problem is I’m not sure if the RDA’s I’m looking at have a fixed pin that extends past the threading on the RDA, one that isn’t recessed and is possible to get pushed in and short my battery. Can anyone tell me which RDA’s have this feature?

I hope I explained that well enough so that everyone knows what I’m talking about.

Ever returned something from FastTech?

I’m about to receive 10 replacement tanks for Protank, however I’ve now stupidity measured my old broken tank and it’s about 33mm long, though the ones I ordered are only 22mm long and the diameter much smaller too. So, there’s no way they are gonna fit.

I’ve read over the Return Policy for FastTech and it seems quite straight forward and customer oriented. All I have to do is return it in the original packaging and pay for the shipping. Then, once they receive it they’ll supposedly refund the money. No questions asked.

Is it really that simple? Anybody ever returned something to them? How was your experience?