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I thought like that too, my 1.4-1.8 ohm protank rebuilds do me just dandy so there was no need to get into subohming. Boy was I wrong…I got a few purple efests, selected a mech-du-jour and built a .8 ohm coil to go into a dripper I have and I was surprised at this new vape path I wandered onto.
Its called progress and I did progress onto the next stage and liking it more than just regular ohm coil builds. My wife still likes the 1.8 ohm protank builds but me its below 1.0 ohm but not stupid low and Im happy.
Bottom line is that I never thought 6 months, 8 months or a year ago that I would ever subohm and now with this IPV2 I can subohm, like it and be safe going about it. Its all user preference and this user prefers to get the best he can out of a mech, mod and build, so do to it as you please and have a great journey finding your vape nirvana. <img src="” alt=”8-)” title=”Cool” />

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I’ve been running usually 8.5 W on an MVP2 for the past year with a 1.5 ohm coil I wind with 28 awg and cotton.
I don’t see any reason why I would go too much lower in ohms. I’d have to buy bigger wire gauge and experiment. Or at least just go a little lower with a couple less turns.
The batteries offered are
MNKE IMR 18650 1500mAh – Flat – 25A
Efest IMR 18650 2500mAh – Flat – 35A
Samsung INR18650-25R 2500mAh

Oops, it just went out of stock. Snooze I loose.

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I got my IPV2 out of ebay with lots of sellers researched and feedback readings. I feel I got a good deal on it at the time.(84.00) Since I live in Canada but have a US shipping address I’m a bit more blessed than other fellow canucks.
I’m not sure if the IPV mini 30 watts is enough power to support a nice low ohm build. I run a .5 ohm dual coil magma at 30 watts and it can roll my eyes into the back of my head. I don’t like to run any electronic device at max to get it to perform. I see it as you buy the 30 watt device to find out it might not provide the power you need so end up spending again for a 50 watt box thus spending twice and be happier vaper but overkill on the 100 and 150 watt boxes.
Batteries is another tenderspot cause I have many reservations about buying batteries from a vendor unless I know for sure those batts are genuine and not knockoff clones and those genuine vendors are few. I buy my batts out of coops and so far have been happy with every battery I’ve purchased and there have been a lot of batteries I’ve bought, so much I have about 20+ new unopened batteries in the closet and just as many in rotation.
I just read in a FB thread how someones 2 month old Istick just shit the bed(fast charge and just as fast discharge) and has to be replaced.. bummer should have bought something that didn’t come out of fasttech and is being resold as genuine.

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The one I am looking at is an IPV Mini and that is 30 W. I think that may be fine for me.
At this web site you select a set of 2 2500mA batteries (I guess one for spare) and a charger if you want and a tank if you want. I don’t need a tank and I don’t want to order a spare Kayfun lite because on this site I can’t tell if it is a plus.
I’ll PM the link.

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I have the IPV2 and it is a really decent mod. Except for that stupid touch fire switch at the top like Alter said but it is easy to disable.

If you slap an VCT5 in there you are covered for a full day at least if you vape around 20 watts or lower with something like a Kayfun. And you can plug it in at night to charge.

But I have also fallen in love with my Orchid V4. With dual coils that come to 0.9 ohms I normally vape that about 25 to 30 watts on my Sigelei 100watt.

And both Clouper and Sigelei are coming out with "Mini’s" so you may want to wait a bit.

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I bought a IPV2 a few weeks back and so far its a nice box mod. I did research the sigelei100. IPV3, IPV2 along with a few others.
My final decision to buy a IPV2 was that I didn’t want to hassle with paired/married batteries in a dual battery mod, 50 watts is plenty enough power for me since I’m not proving anything to anybody.
I stayed away from any Hana since there are so many clones floating around along with some have integrated batteries and that puts a lifespan on the mod right away…no thanks.
I have a Sigelei Zmax and its been a beast with random menu popups along with their mechs are nice and heavy but plagued with problems constantly so I’m not too fond of buying any Sigelei product.
The IPV2 I bought has a spring loaded 510 but is a Phillips screw and begs to be adjusted. My only con with my IPV is that I tried to put magnets to replace the screws but couldn’t get the threading out of the box thus bending and scaring the screw some but so far its been a great box mod and does make a good vape.
I also disabled the stupid touch control sensor….IMO useless.

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Nicotine not addictive? Yeah right!

Hi Guys

It often comes up in replies to posts that nicotine is not addictive, or that there are studies that suggest that it isn’t. I find that rather strange, to me it has DENIAL written all over it. I know there are substances other than nicotine that may also be addictive which explains why it is so difficult to quit smoking. However, I am still convinced nicotine is the main culprit. If nicotine is not addictive surely it must be possible to stop vaping cold turkey? How many of you would be able to do that? I know I couldn’t. I know smoking addiction is a complex thing but I can’t imagine having to go without my nic. Quitting vaping is definitely not on my radar at the moment, and probably not ever.

How do you feel about this?

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