RDA repair job.

I’m not sure were to post this so move if needed.

I broke my aris a while back, here’s a link for it if you don’t know what it is.
Aris RDA by The Council of Vapor | Vape Affliction

Just a few days ago I decided to figure out how to repair it so I went down to the local hardware store and this is what I ended up with
.<a href="http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/attachments/general-vaping-discussion/398464d1419400156-rda-repair-job-20141221_202102.jpg” title=”Name: 20141221_202102.jpg
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It produces a large volume vapor, and if I hold it upside down and pull from it to could be mistaken for inhaler

The key to making it work is the size of the O-ring you switch to.

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SMPL clone (SXK) review. Can anything one up this in terms of VD?

Just got my SXK SS clone in the mail. VD is .2V less than my nemesis clone, with a .5 drop on a .09 ohm build.
I do like the functionality of this with not having to deal with a locking ring. The groove where the coin slot is located is a little sharp so I’ll have to file it a little. I do think it’s a pressed in top. From the outside, you wouldn’t ever be able to tell but there is a noticeable seam on the inside. Overall, satisfied purchase.

Aside from that, although I’d like to cop a few more mechs I don’t see myself ever buying any other mods that can’t beat this in terms of VD. The 1 piece / no top cap design is the reason for the lower VD compared to the rest of the stuff on the market. So far I have a Nemesis and Stingray X, and have had my eye on the Cartel, Caravela, Black Hawk, and a few others that have really awesome designs but I’m dissuaded by the fact that the VD on all of them will be higher than the SMPL. Are there any contenders for the SMPL in terms of VD?

<a href="http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/attachments/mechmods/398453d1419396017-smpl-clone-sxk-review-can-anything-one-up-terms-vd-smpl.jpg” title=”Name: SMPL.jpg
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My name is "Little Boy" and I found my people, or rather, Kasia found me in their driveway late one night. I was in a trash bag that was thrown out of a car. I was only a day or two old but I yowled as loud as I could until they heard me. Kasia took me inside and warmed me up and gave me some milk with an eye dropper and then a baby bottle every couple of hours.

Well… It is seven years now… it is Christmas each day…every day…