Kool Apple in Atlanta?

My local B&M is out of Bamskilicious Kool Apple in anything but 0 nic. They probably won’t get anything until the first of the year and I definitely don’t have enough to make it that long. Does anyone here know of a shop in the Atlanta Metro area that carries this? I know none of the shops in Gwinnett have it and I’d prefer not to have to order from the west coast again.

Jewish, Muslim, plain drunk or something?

It is not a poll, but something close.
Who is posting on Christmas?
As for myself: Christmas is not my main holiday, but I do like it. And I am mostly drunk right now. I have eaten all I could eat, and while I still have something to drink I am just plain exhausted. No more drinking for at least another 30 minutes. To make these minutes to pass by I am posting. What about you?

IPV 2S vs IPV3

Does anybody know if there are any differences with these besides watts? And if so, have any of you actually benefited from it?

I’ve also heard the IPV3 doesn’t work well to charge and this would make me highly unlikely to buy it if this is the case.

I plan on buying one of them. Just not sure which yet.

Hi everyone!

I guess I’m a long time reader, new poster. It really sucks that I am only allowed to post in this sub forum for now. I guess I will just have to make random posts until they let me. *sigh* Oh well I guess I’ll just say hello to everyone. Hello!

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KayFun on a DNA30 clone…

I just did a fairly large diameter coil on my KayFun. Wound on a torx bit, so in the macro range. 12 turns. ~2.4 ohms. Its very mellow and great tasting at 20 watts. Lots of coil, so I need quite a bit of heat. I wish I had the means to measure it better, but I kinda just threw it together with what I could find in my toolbox. Thoughts?

Want advice on first DNA40 Nickel Build

Hey All,
My wife was nice enough to put a Vapor Flask DNA40 under the tree for me this year.
I want to try a Nickel build to use the temp control feature but I’m really not sure on wraps. I have some 28ga NI200 that was also gifted to me.

I really would like to dual coil it but from doing a bit of research it seems that you need a bunch of wraps just to get over 0.1Ω

In short, what do i need to do to get above 0.1Ω dual coil with 28 gauge nickel wire?


Thanks in advance!

Mini Tanks – My Questions & Your Opinions Wanted

:vapor: Hoping everyone’s day was vaporlicious! :vapor:

First, I gotta {{{{hug}}}} Diva.

Alrighty, so I’ve been smoke free for what, just about a full month now? (yay! :D) After reading some comments/topics, I’m considering trying mini tanks with my G6. My questions center around your opinions as to how ya’ll think I would do using the mini tanks, since I have been using and have been happy with the cartos? For me, the cartos have been very easy to use — I always have several pre-filled and ready to go. In the evenings I sit and look over what I have on hand, refill what I have been vaping during the day and either continue with that carto, or switch to a different flavor that I’ll use into the next day. Can you keep a few mini tanks pre-filled and ready for use, or do you have to fill them only as you are going to use them? Is there really that much of a noticeable difference in flavor and/or amount of vapor using mini tanks vs. cartos?
Your feedback, wisdom, and experience is much appreciated, thank you! :wub:

paragon v3 won’t fire

I have picked up two of the new paragon v3 ‘ s. Everything is flawless, the threads are smooth, finish is perfect , and the recessed button is dead on. The only issue I found was the button on both mods I picked up are not good. At first I found u have to give them the side treatment what I mean is push them at an angle to fire. After a week or so the screws holding the button in come loose so you have to retighten with a flat head screw driver. After about two weeks the buttons are awful. I spend more time attempting to fire the mod than I can actually vaping. That’s a big downside to me and many people I know who have the mod.

Does anyone have experience with this mod, I’ve try ed everything ?

Electronic Ciggarate

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