Mt Baker Vapor 555

Hey guys I got a bottle of 555 from mt baker vapor and I honestly don’t care much for it idk if it was something i did but it literally tastes like nothing and the throat hit happens I let it steep about 5 days before I tried it as well

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new member needs 18650 advice

Hey everyone.

So, I’ve been into this vaping thing for a several months now and am already waist deep in it.

I like sub ohm and I like safety as well. After checking out all the vape shops in my state I picked up an alleged vtc4. After some sketchy overheating in my Manhattan clone I questioned the legitimacy of said vtc4. And after some quick googling, what do you know. It’s fake.

I decided to pick up some LG’S via amazon and even still, I question how authentic they are. I mean, in the grand scheme of things when something is counterfeited it’s usually widespread. And, after talking to the least sketchy shop briefly about their "38 amp" IMREN’s I’m desperate to find a legitimate source of authentic batteries.

Has any manufacturer stepped in and endorsed the authenticity of their product being sold to distributer A or vape shop B?

What do you use for spacers?

I am trying to "standardize" my toppers. I crank down the one that sticks out the most, and try to get the others as close as I can to making contact at that depth.

As many of you know, most "adjustable" contacts only mean you can loosen it up, and subsequently loosen up your center post in your dripper. You need a washer of sorts, to push that contact down, while being able to tighten it up. I’ve used Kanger grommets from old attys (cutting off the skirt, making a washer), but I’ve run out of them. Every washer solution I have found is battery-side based.

I have a Doomsday. I CAN adjust the pin for every atty. Then re adjust for the battery. I’d really rather just make all the the attys pretty much the same. So I don’t have a gap on the attys with deep contacts, yet the ones that are now shallow are right.

In short, I want all my drippers and tanks to be the same depth. This will require a washer or spacer of some sort on the ATTY side. Suggestions?

Aspire Nautilus Mini resistance sucks

Dont get me wrong I love this tank very much but the resistance on this thing is horrible, the more I use it the tighter it gets, it has gotten to the point where the biggest airhole is like puffing on the smallest airhole when I first got it, and the smallest airhole now is like trying to suck a boulder through a straw, anyone else got this problem?

Taifun GS airflow increase?

I picked up a Taifun GS clone at my local shop to run on an Istick. I have to say for a device that’s been around awhile, it works awesome with great flavor!

My only con is the tight airflow even with the larger air tube installed. Has anyone ever drilled out the airflow and modified the tube? Just wondering if it can be done, I definitely don’t want to ruin it.

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Getting back in the game. Need suggestions.

Hello all. I haven’t touched my Ihybrid F3cta in a while now, not really a fan of the genny style anymore. Been sucking on this ancient Zmax that’s on its last leg with a nautilus aspire that has been dropped, separated and re-assembled a few times. I have loads of organic cotton, and almost 100ft of Kanthal 30 gauge.

Not exactly anyone’s wish list material, I know. I’m being honest.

I have saved about $250 to get myself a new setup by making my own juices. Chasing clouds would be nice, but I’m a full-time student with a job and a family to support so it’s probably not going to be anything hardcore.

So, would any kind ECFers like to help me out with a few suggestions? Something similar to an iHybrid would be nice, I like the idea of it being one unit, but two things that go together nicely would also make me happy. I’m tired of lugging around a frankenstein. I want something nice for a change.