General Vaping Discussion • Re: would you tell me which one e cig popular ?

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Rebuilding Aspire Nautilus & Atlantis Coils

Got a video for that one lol not much talent on the rebuilding here. NOt even sure with the replacements I have how well I will do <img src="” alt=”:P” title=”Razz” />

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General Vaping Discussion • Where to buy a charger for a Aspire CF SUB in NYC

Hello people,
I have a friend that will be on the prowl in Brooklyn & the East village in NYC for a few days. Before /after getting stupidly drunk he is looking for a battery charger for a Aspire CF SUB . He is new to ecigs…just upgraded to this unit. He is currently using an ego batt charger, he doesn’t feel its doing the job properly. Any suggestions?

It’s been a while since I’ve been in here…is Uncle RJ still around ?

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Rebuilding Aspire Nautilus & Atlantis Coils

Good job!

I tried the nautilus one time and gave up wringing my hands very quickly. Seems like once you learn to rebuild your own with Kanthal & cotton, the factory coils just never measure up anymore.

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General Vaping Discussion • Rebuilding Aspire Nautilus & Atlantis Coils

With all the controversy about the Aspire Atlantis Sub Ohm coils possibility creating a health hazard due to the ceramic wicking material flaking and maybe being inhaled after using them longer than one should . I successfully re-built an Aspire Nautilus coil using Japanese cotton this morning . The Nautilus coils are much smaller than the Atlantis coils so I shouldn’t have any problem rebuilding the Atlantis coils with Japanese cotton . I think Aspire will address this issue in due time so until they do I will for sure be rebuilding the ones I have with Japanese cotton . The one I rebuilt works better than a new replacement does ! It’s most Vapors nature to make good things better IMO !!! <img src="” alt=”:idea:” title=”Idea” /> <img src="” alt=”:D” title=”Very Happy” />

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What are the differences between electronic cigarette and tobacco cigarette

I want to share an article from a professional e-cig company by surfing on Google,as follows

The electronic cigarette is a non-flammable electronic cigarette, also known as the “vape”. It consists of housing, cigarette holder, dust filter, spice boxes, light-emitting diodes, power supplies, breathing apparatus components. It does not burn, just containing the purified nicotine, tar-free, does not contain other chemical substances causing respiratory and cardiovascular diseases tobacco cigarette contain, eliminating other carcinogens conventional cigarette inherent in. Its efficiency is similar to tobacco cigarettes, which is to refresh to meet the cravings, so that smokers have a sense of euphoria and relaxation, while a smoking cessation effect.

The essential difference between “electronic cigarette” and tobacco cigarettes are:

1. It does not contain harmful tar and carcinogenic substances;

2. Do not burn, no variety of harmful chemicals produced by combustion;

3. There is no “passive smoking” harm caused to others and environmental pollution;

4. No fire hazards, can be used wherever ban the fire and smoking;

5. No poison, no fire, no pollution, is a good substitute for cigarettes.