First RBA need some help… Bad taste :(

Ok I recently won a complete setup.. EHPro Skeleton Key w/ Prometheus RBA (or is it an RTA?)

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After a few tries getting used to making coils I finally got the hang of it but I am getting a bad flavor… I am using 28 gauge kanthal and Japanese cotton for wicking.. I have 2 different juices that I have been trying one at 65pg/35vg and the other at 30pg/70vg..

I got the coils heating up right (from inside to out) and the wick was thoroughly saturated, yet when I take a hit it tastes kind of burnt.. Not like a full out dry hit but similar..

I have completely broken down the Prometheus and cleaned it and also cleaned the kanthal.. After I did that it seems a bit better but still getting the "smokey" taste..

I also tried using organic cotton balls (boiled) but still getting the same thing… So Im sure its something that Im doing (or not doing)… Or maybe it needs to sit a bit longer to saturate more?

Running at 1.1 Ohms with a 3.7V 2000mAh IMR 1865 battery

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