New Red Tail Flavors in stock!

Ok, folks, the new Punchy Orange and Cranberry Kiss are in stock at the store, both with or without WTA. Jerry did a limited run to see how well these flavors sell. So, if you want to try something new, come on by our store and pick some up. 🙂

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Hello all(experienced vapers plz reply!)

Hello everyone,Fussellini here. I am about to purchase my first setup.currently I’m running a simple kanger set.Evod VV 1000mah battery with protank 3 with an airflow.I’m happy with it for a temporary piece,not what I want for the long haul.I’m looking into a Caravela.comes with RDA n protank 2 battery n what not.I’m going to get the kanger subtank nano for it.I’m looking for good throat hit n big clouds.I plan on using it a lot,as an alternative to smoking(haven’t had an analogue cigarette in 3 days now with the current vape) and as ,well I just want to vape now okay,I like it,I want to learn more and have my own piece that I can eventually learn to build(hence the RDA) any thoughts on a caravela? I’ve seen great reviews for subtank nano n I’m dead set on it.

Vamo boxmod "Short" (is there something I overlooked?)

After reading till my eyes fell out, I began to create my first mod using 2 — 3.7/1200mah/25C Lipo batteries in parallel and a Vamo V8 from fasttech (the display tells me that it’s a M384e).

I wired everything up outside the box for a test run and all the functions work, but when I hit the fire button it only says "short."

With a little time on google, I saw that this was a common problem (especially with the V5?) and usually pertains to the 510 pin grommet not doing its job, but I’m using a brand new 510 connector and my multimeter says everything is ok there.

With it out of the box, I tested the resistance at the points where the wires from the 510 touch the board and it read accurately at 1.6 ohms. I’m kinda stumped becuase the board (at least) partially works, but there seems to be just a little something amiss.

I know you have all heard this question a billion times, but any insight or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Need help with my new battery and tank

Im getting a Kangertech Genitank Mega and am going to pair it with the eLeaf 30W. Im getting 1.8/1.5 coils and am wondering if i have to vape them at the lowest setting the battery will handle for them not to taste burned.

  • voltage is adjustable from 2.0V to 8.0V
  • wattage is adjustable from 5W to 30W
  • Whats the best voltage/wattage to vape at 1.5/1.8 coils

Arlington Man Sets Crotch On Fire, Sues Vape Shop Over Exploding E-Cig Battery

Arlington Man Sets Crotch On Fire, Sues Vape Shop Over Exploding ECig battery
PANTego (CBSDFW.COM) – The pain may be gone, but the scars and troubles still linger for an Arlington man burned by an exploding e-cigarette battery. Now, David Powell of Arlington, is suing the store he bought that battery from, Vixen Vapors, in …
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Firefighters: Gates ecigarette explosion likely caused by battery issue
They tell us the victim was either using the wrong battery or inserted it into the e-cig the wrong way. His roommate told us that, after 30 seconds, the e-cig started sizzling and then exploded. He got about a half a dozen stitches to close a cut on …
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As the federal government considers regulation for e-cigarettes, a debate wages

As the federal government considers regulation for e-cigarettes, a debate wages
All the seats are full at the shop's "juice bar" where customers taste-test flavored e-<a href="”>liquids before they buy. Csilla Lakatos is chatting with the barista and looking for the right flavor. The 33-year-old has been smoking traditional cigarettes for …
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