questions about juice.

I recently got a few different juices from an store i had not visited before, but i was in a bind and needed something.
2 of the juices, which i wish to discuss here, are fruit based flavors.
they are 60vg/40pg mix.
Flavor 1 is called Krankberry. I have 2x 30ml bottles.
1 is 6mg nic and the other is 0mg. I blend them 50/50 to get 3mg nic.
this flavor was great while trying in the shop, of course using the throw away tank….
first vap in my Kanger subtank mini was horrible….. so i gave up on it and went to flavor 2
Flavor 2 is called Juicy. I also have 2x 30ml bottles
1 is 6mg nic and other 0mg……….
this flavor was even worse on first vape in my Subtank…. I bout had a fit….
So i went back to my not so great, but bareable blend of what i had left of this and that….
Yesterday i purchased a Itaste VF RDA just to mess with…. not sure if i want to get into the whole build and drip deal, as i am a truck driver….
Very hard to drip and drive…. LOL….
anyways, i decided to try these two flavors again… they where good on the RDA… great taste. decent vape…
So i did a super deep clean on both of my Kanger Subtank Mini’s. I mean super clean…. Super hot (boiling hot) water 15 min soak, and then rinse, and new wicks.
Krankberry turned out pretty good after this.. it is very flavorful and has decent flavor and great vape now.
Juicy however, tastes like total crap still…. I have tried to vape it at many different Wattage levels. 15-30 watts…. no matter what it tastes burnt and just horrible….
Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this???
I am using the RBA base in my Subtanks. Both seem to be wicking just fine… So i am at a loss…
It is not a dry hit, just horrible burnt taste…. I have replaced the wick 3x now….. makes no difference.
the wicks where not burnt either….. I am at a total loss…
Any help and ideas would be awesome.
Thanks in advance…

1st week vaping and its harsh in the morning.

I stopped smoking about 2 packs a day a week ago and started vaping. I am currently vaping with mvp 3.0 and an atlantis tank. The juices i use are all 70/30 and range from 6 – 24 mg been trying to find the right one for me.

My question is in the morning it is still like a cigarette to me, I am still coughing up alot of crap and its harsh on the lungs. Granted i am not going into ( i can’t breath, eyes turning red coughing spree) but i am still coughing quite a bit. Is this normal when you are first starting to vap?

Also is it normal that when i go to the vap store i see kids blowing out BARRELS OF SMOKE! like they had a hookah! i can get maybe a third of that smoke. Are my lungs just not healed enough yet?


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General Vaping Discussion • Re: What are you waiting for in the mail?

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