Bull Smoke Coupon Saves Consumers 67% on Bull Smoke Starter Kits until November 17th

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Murfreesboro, TN (PRWEB) November 15, 2012

Bull Smoke coupon “SMOKEOUT” is saving consumers 67% now until November 17th on all Bull Smoke starter kits purchased made on BullSmoke.com. Bull Smoke is the originator of the unique 2-piece design electronic cigarette that provides smokers with an exciting new alternative. Bull Smoke electronic cigarettes offer the most authentic look and feel of a traditional cigarette while running on a unique rechargeable battery and microprocessor design. Customers inhale the highest quality nicotine and full bodied flavoring through a full-bodied vapor that is just as potent as real smoke but leaves no ash.

During this 3 day sale consumers can save large sums of cash by using Bull Smoke discount code “SMOKEOUT” at check-out. The promotion will run from Wednesday November 14th until Friday November 17th and offers 67% off the purchase of any Bull Smoke starter kit. The Ranch Hand and City Slicker kits normally run $ 74.95, but during this 3 day promotion can be purchased at $ 24.99. Electronic cigarette reviews website iknowecigs.com says, “BullSmoke.com is having one of the biggest electronic cigarette sales of the holiday season.”

There are no restrictions during this promotion, although the Bull Smoke coupon code can only be used once per order. So if consumers want to purchase multiple kits, they will need to place multiple orders. Bull Smoke has several advantages over traditional cigarettes including: No ashes or flames to deal with, great flavor and vapor with no residue, no offensive odors, more cost effective, and the ability to smoke virtually anywhere.

Consumers can cash in even after the promotion by using Bull Smoke coupon code “iknowecigs” at check-out to save 15% on all future orders. This coupon code unlike others can be used on starter kits, cartridges, and accessory purchases made on BullSmoke.com. Bull Smoke strives to provide consumers a friendly, knowledgeable and effective electronic cigarette experience from start to finish.

About iknowecigs.com:

iknowecigs.com is a privately owned and operated electronic cigarette reviews website. It is based out of Murfreesboro, TN and offers readers coupons, news, and reviews relating to electronic cigarettes. Their goal is to let others know there are safer, cleaner, and more cost effective options to traditional cigarettes.

To stay current on all Bull Smoke reviews, news, and promotions visit iknowecigs.com:


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Survey Reveals Prescription Drugs, Autos Pose Greatest Product Safety Concerns Among Americans

Chicago (PRWEB) April 08, 2015

Prescription and over the counter drugs, and automobiles, have the dubious distinction as products that prompt consumers’ safety fears the most, a new survey* of 1,011 U.S. adults shows.

Those categories ranked first equally, each cited by 65 percent of respondents, when Americans were asked to name the top three types of products that concern them the most in terms of safety. Third on the list was food (cited by 55 percent), followed by baby products and furniture (25 percent), home appliances (23 percent), toys (18 percent) and sports and recreation (15 percent).

“Unfortunately, we have witnessed a number of instances when drugs, instead of helping improve medical conditions, are linked to possibly creating new health problems,” said attorney Ken Moll of Moll Law Group, which commissioned the survey. “And, car safety issues are in the headlines constantly.”

Moll’s own concerns to enable consumers to have free access to a wide range of safety information led the Chicago attorney to create the Legal News Network (LNN) website (http://www.legalnewsnetwork.com), which offers fact-filled videos in a mini-documentary style that foster awareness of dangerous products and communicate product safety tips.

The website covers topics ranging from the safe use of car seats, cribs and toys to the dangers of imported drugs, swimming pools and e-cigarettes. The videos feature interviews with product safety and medical experts from across the country about injury prevention.

“We formed Legal News Network as a public service for consumers, a go-to source to further inform and protect them from products and environments that could be dangerous – and deadly,” said Moll, who has represented clients in a number of successful high-profile mass tort and class action suits.

The four- to six-minute videos are produced like news features with a host, guest interviews and engaging video footage. For example, a video on car seat safety includes an interview with a certified child passenger technician from a St. Louis hospital and a demonstration of proper seat installation by a Phoenix paramedic. The segment on imported drugs includes commentary from a former FDA medical officer.

The Moll poll also revealed more than half of Americans – 57 percent – fail to register their new products with the manufacturer to ensure they are informed about product recalls and safety issues.

“This is a practice more Americans must follow,” said Moll. “Registering a product is the best way to receive a recall or safety notice when one is issued,” Moll said.

# # #

*The Moll Law Group poll results are based on the responses of 1,011 adults, ages 18 and older and living in the United States, who participated in a telephone survey March 12-15, 2015. The sample is weighted to represent the demographics of the U.S. population.

About Moll Law Group

Chicago-based Moll Law Group represents people around the nation who were severely injured, and families who have lost a loved one, due to defective products, dangerous prescription drugs, faulty medical devices or unsafe vehicles. The firm works with leading product safety professionals, medical experts and attorneys to assist in both the representation of clients in personal injury and wrongful death litigation and in development of injury prevention information for all consumers.

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ESmoking101 Focuses on Helping People Kick the Habit

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) October 16, 2013

Electronic cigarettes are tobacco free, so they are healthier to smoke than normal cigarettes, which consist of many different harmful chemicals. Smoking can kill and there is no denying that fact. When people smoke normal cigarettes, they are slowly destroying their health. A tobacco cigarette not only puts the smoker in harms way, it also pollutes the environment and causes non-smokers to breathe in dangerous second-hand smoke.

With e-cigarettes, there is no actual smoke being released into the air, so the dangers of second-hand smoke are gone. The purpose of e-cigarettes is to help smokers kick the nasty habit. A site that goes by the name of E Smoking 101 recently launched with one goal in mind – to help people quit smoking.

Esmoking101.com offers electronic cigarette reviews that are 100% legit and unbiased. Individuals who would like to try an ecig are encouraged to visit the site in order to learn more about the different types of electronic cigarettes available. The site has a special e-cigarette FAQ section, where individuals can get the facts. The frequently asked questions cover topics such as:

    The Idea Behind an e-cigarette
    The Different Parts of the e-cig
    The Nicotine Volume
    How to Refill e-cigs

Esmoking101.com has testers who try the electronic cigarette, before reviewing it. This way, the reviews are 100% accurate and written by real people. A lot of the e-cigarettes look similar, but they are certainly not equal in terms of quality, which is why it is important to read reviews, before making the purchase.

Along with the reviews, Esmoking101.com also gives a list of legit sites where the electronic cigarettes can be purchased at an affordable price. More and more individuals are starting to turn to e-smoking in order to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

About Esmoking101.com

Esmoking101.com is all about reviews on electronic cigarettes. Each product they have reviewed on their site is thoroughly tested. Esmoking101.com’s goal is to help individuals choose the most suitable e-cigarette and quit smoking those harmful tobacco cigarettes.

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Electronic Ciggarate

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are a battery-powered piece of equipment facilitated to provide inhaled doses of nicotine or non-nicotine. It is an alternative of smoked tobacco products, such as cigars, pipes and cigarettes. Electronic cigarette was invented by a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik IN 2003. Electronic cigarette is not harmful to the health. The electronic cigarette are also presented in thrilling fashionable colors as well as Black and Silver with dazzling Blue LEDs, and sealed unit flavors such as Menthol and Tobacco.
Now- days, Due to heavy struggle in work, the public undergoes stress and strain. To resist the circumstance, the cigarette smoking has turn into a common habit for all the public irrespective of their gender and age groups. It might release a person from the strain but it may cause dangerous effect on the health. It might cause cancer to the smoker and it also affects the neighboring people. In the nearby area the smoker can, ecosystem will be disturbed by the creating fluctuations in the percentage of ordinary gases present in the air. To avoid the awful effects on the citizens and environment the electronic cigarettes are invented, electronic cigarette are introduced into the market to reduce the smoke.
Usage of the electronic cigarettes is increasing radically across the world. Various countries in the world are heartening these cigarettes by offering at cheaper charge to save the environment from the bad pollution. e-cigarette of UK Government offers these cigarettes at an extensive price and serving the people to turn into free from the harms related to their lungs and respiration. e-cigarette Canada is also hopeful their citizens very much to choose this e-cigarette as it helps in defensive the public from awful diseases. e-cig is also available through online trading also.
These electronic cigarettes comprise of a battery mechanism, atomizing tool, cartridge and a light needle. The sealed unit present at the first last part of an e-cigarette contains fluid which gives the taste and feeling of the regular traditional cigarette. These are smoke less cigarettes and do not enclose any harmful chemicals that which are been used in the traditional cigarette, it does not put any stains on the teeth of a user. Smoke less cigarettes simulates the identical smoking feelings of a traditional tobacco cigarette, devoid of subjecting to the customer, any of the health or legal issues. Foschia is the best electronic cigarette existing in the market which enhances its user to become free from the respiratory and throat diseases. Thus electronic cigarettes play a major role in quitting the tendency of smoking traditional cigarettes.

Jhon Rick writes for electroniccigaretteslife is a e-cigarette that provides best electronic cigarette,smoke less cigarettese.