Charger upgrade

So now that I’m getting into more mods I’m looking to upgrade my charger. I’m using vtc 4’s and 5’s. Currently using a nitecore intellicharger i2. What do you guys recommend as a upgrade. I was looking at the xtar vc4 or vp4. From looking thru battery and charging section those seem like good chargers. I just want to make sure they are good before I order. I do want at least a voltage readout on a charger.

introduction and a few questions ego ONE

Hello all, made my account the other day, a little about me. I’m 22, Indiana resident,(called my senator on hb1432, no avail, messaged the governor to urge a veto until amendments are made to differentiate nic and no nic juices at the minimum and possibly scale back restrictions and regulations) been vaping on and off since the times of 3 part cigalikes only available direct order from China that lasted about 2 weeks were the only option available, then went back to cigs, then switched to white cloud cirrus and cirrusII cigalikes(great products honestly I know cigalikes are frowned upon now, but they were high quality IMO), then a vaporX ego knockoff, then quit smoking all together. I just quit smoking green for legal/employment reasons so I substituted with a new vape (ego ONE &Kanger tech subtank mini) and I’ve found limited info, even on here. Anyone know the absolute minimum ohm load for an ego ONE? I know it can fire a .4, as some of the coils shipped with the one in the kit are .4s I’ve heard it can’t fire a .2, has anyone done metered builds with these to find the minimum? Thanks all in advance for reading replying and answering my question!

4/12 – 4/19 TVR’s Running Give-A-Way!

The Vapor Room

Ginger’s USA Blends Give-A-Way 4/12-4/19

It’s easy…. Every week one person will win a free 15ml!
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Post and list what flavor, strength, and ratio you would like from our flavor list.
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Lesson learned today…

Calibrate your beakers!
I made a batch of my favorite <a href="”>liquid today and it was off..

Second guessing myself, I went over all my steps, counted ingredients and pipettes and everything should have been correct.

So tonight sitting here still thinking about it the only thing different was the use of a "new" larger beaker.
Well the 15ml mark is not 15ml.

15ml. Calibrated from a known/used syringe actually reads as 20ml on this new beaker…

So for now I guess its back to using the "old" smaller equipment for accuracy.


Anybody use ispopropyl alcohol to clean coil heads?

I know the general recommendation is to use Everclear or vodka. I haven’t had a drink of alcohol in 22 years, but I see no good reason to keep a bottle of potable liquor around for cleaning my gear if there is reasonable alternative. I just bought a bottle of 70% Isoppropyl alcohol for this purpose from the drugstore. It should be a better solvent than vodka at 140 proof, and it evaporates cleaner than ethyl alcohol. A water rinse should remove any unevaporated alcohol, not that there is much chance of harm from inhaling a miniscule amount of isopropyl. I currently dunk my minipro heads in near boiling water, then rinse in running hot water, which works reasonably well on the exposed wick but probably doesn’t do jack for the portion inside the coil.

General Vaping Discussion • What improvements would you make?

I am hoping that this thread lights up and is a general discussion that will last a very long time.

As far as devices, hardware, e<a href="”>liquids, accessories and anything else ecig goes… what would you do to make your device better and why? There is no right or wrong answer to this question. This question is for new and veteran vapers alike!

Would you want a longer battery life?
Do you want your device to be more resilient?
What about a way prevent your child from firing your device?

Remember… There is no wrong answer to this question.


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